2019, How did we help make this the year you Played More Golf?

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Think back to the start of 2019, did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Did you stick to them? Or like most people, did they start to fade away a few months into the new year?

Well what if we tell you we did. We made the promise to make 2019 the year you played more golf. How did we do this? We continued to improve the PlayMoreGolf membership, giving you the golfer, the most value.

So, what changes were made and how did we improve our membership?

Flexi Points. It's what allows you to play at any of our partner clubs across the whole of the UK. But, did you know that these can be used to play on your home course! Yes, that’s right, you can use all of your points at your home club, no need to worry about your flexi points going to waste.

Growing number of courses to play. Since the 1st January, we have almost 100 additional clubs added to the membership. Here at PlayMoreGolf, we have over 200 clubs in our partnership and you can use your flexi points to play on any of these 230+ courses. One of our biggest aims is to keep adding fantastic golf clubs that members can visit, allowing you to play at an even greater number of courses across the UK. Check out all of our clubs to see where your next round could be!

Club Improvements. One big area where we want to improve value for you is through what you receive from our partner clubs. Throughout the year, we have been working with each individual club, improving their matrix's to give you the best value. Make sure you check to see if your local club has improved theirs!
Discover the changes for yourself! Find your local club and download their matrix here!

Winter Matrix. Speaking of Matrix improvements. We have now switched over to our winter version. Meaning cheaper rounds of golf and lower points for you!
Not sure on winter golf? Check out our blog on reasons why you should play golf in the winter.

Price Guarantee. We are that confident that we will always offer you the most value for your membership that we have a green fee guarantee in place. Meaning if you ever find a cheaper green fee, we will refund you the difference*.

Instalment Plan. Speaking of price, have you seen our new instalment plan? You can now split the cost of your membership over 4 consecutive months, perfect with Christmas just around the corner!

Brand New App. Have you checked out our exclusive members app? You will be able to manage your membership from here, including all of your individual bookings and buddy bookings! New features also include trophy collection, earn whilst you play.

Buddy Bookings. Speaking of bookings, wouldn't it be nice to play a round with your friends even if they aren't members at that club or PlayMoreGolf Members? Well now you can. You can add up to 3 guests to your booking and even use your points to cover their round, meaning they don't have to pay that hefty green fee!

Renewal Dates. Imagine having a 12-month membership you enjoy so much you can't wait to renew early, but you are worried your renewal date will change and you won't receive your full 12-months membership. Well worry no more, when it comes to renewing your membership, if you decide to renew early, you will still keep your original join date. Meaning your renewal date will always be on that original join date. For example, you joined PlayMoreGolf on the 1st January 2019 and decided to renew today rather than January 2020, your next renewal date would be January 1st 2021.


We are constantly improving our membership to offer you the best value! Discover our latest offer and join today.


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*Price match guarantee is not linked to website hot deals and membership guest fees

Written by Michaela Grossi

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