How To Make Golf More Appealing To Kids

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Golf if increasingly becoming a game that can appeal to the whole family. Many golf clubs are making the game appeal to the kids. Even though it is a highly focused, slow-paced game, there are ways to keep the kids interested and learning the new skills involved.


Here are our top tips on making golf more appealing to children of all ages:

Make It Visual

As more visual learners, children appreciate interactivity when taking up a new hobby. One way to make a game more visual and interactive is to place a piece of paper with a silly face drawn on it on the ground in front of the golf ball. Ask the child to hit the ball towards the paper so that it rolls over the face. This will naturally cause them to produce a downward, descending blow while keeping their head down and eyes forward. You can also use chalk to create circles on the ground ahead of you (each one ascending in radius) and assign each circle a points value. The child will score points by getting the ball to land in a particular circle, allowing them to practice control and aim.

Keep It Fun

Golf needs focus, patience and commitment and sometime kids can find that challenging so their attention wanders. While golf serves to improve these attributes in the player, you should remember that, to a child, it really is just a game. And what should games always be? Fun! In the same way your children won’t appreciate a 5-hour game of Monopoly where you’ve got all the hotels, a long and slow game of golf won’t retain their interest. Keeping conversation light hearted, positive and not placing too much pressure on the young player can make all the difference.

Limit Distractions

Golf, even when played as a casual game, requires focus. So, as well as making the game as engaging as possible, it’s important to avoid anything that might put them off their stride. Hungry tummies can dissuade a child from playing golf for too long, so make sure you pack a snack or begin a game shortly after lunch.

Find A Great Instructor

Ask any parent and most will agree that their rambunctious rug-rats are suddenly the sweetest of angels when placed in front of their teacher. For this reason, it is important to allow a child to learn from a professional as well as a parent. A golf instructor will have the knowledge, expertise and experience to teach your kids golf the right way. Plus, as a less familiar person in their lives, your children will be more likely to listen to a golf instructor and improve their skills with greater rapidity. Many PlayMoreGolf partner clubs offer golfing lessons, so ask about these at your home club or any other away club you like to use.

If you require any help discovering the right club for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team!

Written by Emma Rowlands

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