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Stay In The Game! 5 Ways To Stay Engaged In Golf


Let’s face it. Life is busy. You’ve got a job, a family, bills and many other commitments to juggle. So staying on top of your golf hobby might not feel like a top priority – especially at this time of year!

But the reality is, whether you play competitively or for leisure, skipping your golfing sessions can weaken your golf skills, impact your social life and waste the money you’ve spent on golf equipment, lessons or membership.

Here’s some good news. Thanks to the flexibility offered by PlayMoreGolf, your passion for golf can fit around your other commitments. There is no need to choose one over the other.

So how can you stay in the game during busy periods in your life?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Hold a competition with friends

We all know that golf is a competitive game, but did you know you can also compete with friends to encourage more gameplay? Start an informal competition to see who can play the most rounds of golf in a period of time, or create a friendly golf tournament with a small prize for the winner.

  1. Invest in lessons

Investing in golf lessons helps you to commit to a weekly or fortnightly game of golf while enhancing your skills and pushing you to the next level. Many of our PlayMoreGolf partnered clubs offer golf lessons* so please check with a PlayMoreGolf representative if you’d like to give it a go!

  1. Make it a family game

If family time is the reason you’re spending less time on the golf course, there’s a solution. Making golf a family occasion can serve two purposes. Firstly, it gets you back into the game without impacting your loved ones, and secondly it helps bond the family and improve your children’s skills. To learn more about getting kids interested in golf, click here.

  1. Play while you’re away

If you regularly travel for work or leisure, you don’t need to sacrifice your game. Instead, use your away points to book golf at a golf club at your chosen location and head for the course after your meeting or event. To see the full range of partnered clubs on offer, click here.

  1. Tell your friends about PlayMoreGolf

Thanks to the unique way PlayMoreGolf works, you can play at any of our partnered clubs and set a golfing schedule to suit you. As a PlayMoreGolf member you can take up to three friends for a round of golf. But even better, if they become PlayMoreGolf members, you can use the incredible Buddy Booking software to book games as a group and play together at times and locations to suit everybody. With Christmas around the corner, why not treat them to a PlayMoreGolf gift voucher to give them a taste of flexible membership before they buy? Click here to read more on this.  

For more information on PlayMoreGolf membership, please visit our website.

*Please note that golf lessons will be at an extra expense and are not included in PlayMoreGolf membership.