Half of members play golf a week after restrictions lift in England


Here at PlayMoreGolf we have been working hard in preparation for all courses in the UK to be able to accept visitors and allow the 2021 Golf Season to really begin.

For many this latest lockdown has been challenging with golfers realising how much outdoor activities, especially golf improves their wellbeing. With this we were pleased to see that over half of our golfers played or booked at least one round in the first week since restrictions lifted in England.

With golf being one of the sports where social distancing is easier than others, it is not surprising to witness a huge demand for flexible golf memberships at the start of 2021. We are pleased to be able to continue supporting our clubs, as for many clubs they have found the last 12 years a challenging environment.

The PlayMoreGolf flexible membership category recognises the demands of a modern lifestyles with our app-based offering providing a viable alternative that works in harmony with the frantic timetables of the modern family and is enabling more golfers to find their passion for the game.

With over 12,000 PlayMoreGolf members supporting clubs all over the UK we have become the largest golf membership provider in the UK, providing additional revenue for over 250 of our partner clubs.

Alastair Sinclair, CEO, PlayMoreGolf, said: "It has been magnificent to see thousands of PlayMoreGolf members returning to the course in the first week since restrictions lifted in England. The last 12 months have been physically, emotionally and mentally draining for everyone and we hope that access to golf can relieve some of these pressures.

 “2021 is an important year for Golf, as a sport and leisure activity especially when it comes to appealing to a wider audience. I hope our new members look forward to visiting our clubs, which have gone above and beyond to ensure they can accommodate the most players in a safe and secure environment.”

If you are looking at joining PlayMoreGolf click through to our Explore Page to find a home club near you. For those current members, our explore page is a great opportunity to explore all our partner courses to enable you to make bookings using your flexi points.

Written by Stephen Page

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