How Will Golf Courses Look After The Lockdown


If we asked you in January, “what do you imagine the start of the golfing season to look like”, your answer probably would have been along the lines of, “spring in its bloom, warmer weather and lush greens”. Unfortunately, the answer is far from that. We have gone from flash floods and waterlogged greens to a nationwide lock down.

Golfers are longing for the day when their beloved sport is reopened, but many are left wondering how their local courses will look at the end of the lockdown. Especially with high hopes that golf will be one of the first leisure activities to return once Covid-19 restrictions begin to be removed.

It was announced at the start of this month that greenkeepers could continue to complete essential maintenance at the clubs, however they have to follow regulations that The R&A and BIGGA have released. This means that your local courses are being maintained and will be in top condition ready for when they re-open!

How Can You Play Your Part During This Lockdown To Continue To Support Your Club?

Golfers want to continue supporting their clubs during these uncertain times. Many of us want our clubs to be there after the lockdown period is over. Now is the time that we need to rally together and help our clubs survive.

Ask yourself this, what does golf mean to you? Is it your regular form of exercise, do you use it as a form of escapism, or is it a big part of your social life?  How important is your club to you?

We know that for the foreseeable future, our lives have changed and will continue to do so. It is hard to predict what will happen, and many of us have had some form of financial implications. However, if you are in a financial position to do so, consider paying your annual subscription fees. We’re aware of number of conversations happening up and down the UK, suggesting people are currently reluctant to pay or will expect refunds from their club due to the crisis. But, if those clubs are already cash-strapped were to either receive less than expected or even reimburse subs, then this could run the risk of closure of the club indefinitely.

Read our full article here for more information on how you can show support to your local club.

Written by Michaela Grossi

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