Training at Home During the Current Lockdown


Many golfers will be disheartened that with the new lockdown, golf courses are shutting to help limit the spread of the virus.

With the public being asked to remain indoors, with small exceptions, this is a great time to do some practice drills at home. There are many videos and training tips online that will enable you to practice and be ready for when golf courses can reopen. Practicing in this time, can give you some exercises helping with your movement and for many relieving some boredom. The main benefit will be improving your technique for different areas of the game when you can return to golf.

Some of the exercises will involve equipment that you may not have at home but investing in some more practice equipment will be beneficial.

For two of the best practice sessions we have found two articles that will help, How to Practice Golf at Home from Golf Insider UK and How to Practice Golf Indoors in Golf Monthly.

The Golf Insider drills give you a set of ideas to help you get better at golf, giving you up to an hour of focused practice.

  • Putting at home (20 mins)
  • Chipping at home (20 mins)
  • Golf swing drills at home (20 mins)
  • Practice golf at home extras

Our favourite drill is Chipping for distance control. To do this you place 5 golf balls 15 feet away from the wall. Chip one ball towards the wall, aiming for your shot to finish half the distance (7 1/2 feet).

Your next chip shot needs to get past the first ball but stay short of the wall. Your next shot must get past your second chip shot, but again stay short of the wall…this drill sounds so simple, but just try completing it with 5 golf balls.

The benefit of the Golf Monthly indoor practice techniques is that many drills have supporting videos. Practice tips include looking on your downswing initiation and how this drill could transform your weak slice into a powerful draw.

Why not try out their Basket test. For every chip shot you hit, you need a clear picture of what your ball is going to do. Visualising the flight, landing spot and roll is essential, and this drill is designed to help you think about your flight and landing spot. Find a basket or small bin, place it about 10ft from you and hit 10 balls. See how many you can get to land in the basket.

Any indoor practice isn’t the same as being able to practice outdoors, let alone by playing golf but scheduling practice will really help break down your day and can help with your mental well being in such a difficult time.

With putting practice alone, the techniques discussed will enable you to refine your putting fundamentals, improve your stroke mechanics and accuracy and lastly build confidence.

We would love to hear about your favourite indoor training drills, so drop us a comment below or on our social channels to let us know how you get on!

Written by Stephen Page

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