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With Covid-19 being a global pandemic, this means that it isn’t just Golf in the UK that has been affected. Arguably every golf industry around the world has been impacted, in some cases for the better! So, what has been going on?

Golf in Denmark has just re-opened. Courses are now allowed to open, although tight restrictions have been put in place, with only one-or-two-balls allowed.

With the country beginning to relax its restrictions that were in place to help combat Covid-19. With a reduction in cases appearing across the country, it has become one of the first European countries to begin relaxing its restrictions. With it looking like these relaxed restrictions fully coming into effect towards the end of this month. For now, it has been said that golf is allowed to be played, however if clubs want to remain closed, they have the right to do so.

For those clubs that will reopen, only one-balls or two-balls are allowed. Competitions or competitive golf is still banned. It can be played with either those within the same household or with a regular playmaker and social distancing rules still apply. The term “regular playmaker” we believe means one of your regular playing partners, however, there has been no clarification of this as of yet.

 “We support an extremely cautious solution where we take social responsibility and stay far on the safe side of the authorities’ instructions,” Lars Broch Christensen from the Danish Golf Union said.

“Groups of two players with great spacing, who follow our recommendations, we can well stand for.”

Heading over to the USA, one golf club in the state of New Jersey has been helping its local health care workers.

Spring Brook Country Club’s members have rallied together and have been collecting bottled water and other products to donate to frontline workers at a nearby hospital.

“The membership here likes to give back to the town, and they saw a need here,” said David Bachman, the club’s general manager. “I think they stepped up to the plate.”

Finally, to Singapore where the golf industry is booming! With only 4 confirmed Covid-19 deaths, golf remains one of the only sporting activities open in the country. This had led to golf clubs experiencing a boom!

However, with every country, restrictions have been put into place to protect both the golfers and staff at these clubs. These range from temperature screenings to more creative methods such as implementing a one golfer per buggy rule and installing plastic dividers in the carts. Some are also limiting the number of users in the changing rooms.

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Written by Michaela Grossi

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