Oxford, UK, March xx, 2016 – PlayMore Golf, the UK’s first online points-based flexible membership programme, has partnered with one of the countries leading proprietary golf venue operators – De Vere Venues – to offer golfers a new, affordable and flexible approach to club membership.

Launched at the end of 2015, the innovative online points programme, which sits alongside clubs’ existing membership packages, is designed to help private and proprietary golf clubs increase membership revenue by up to 50% over three years, by providing golfers with more choice and flexibility.

For the golfer, membership starts at £325 per year, which gives the member a minimum of 100 points – 80 to be utilised at their designated ‘home’ club and 20 reserved for rounds at other participating clubs throughout the PlayMoreGolf network.

Points are only used when a golfer plays, making PlayMoreGolf the perfect value solution for the infrequent golfer who seeks an affordable golf club membership, with the added flexibility of having access to other partner clubs.

“Nurturing the development of young golfers and increasing participation numbers are key to ensuring the longevity of the game, but we understand that the needs of the modern, typically younger, golfer are not currently being met by ‘traditional’ memberships,” said Steve Dacre, Group Golf Operations and Sales Manager at De Vere Venues.

“To ensure De Vere Venues continues to evolve alongside the industry, we look forward to working with PlayMoreGolf to develop the flexible membership opportunities that will not only appeal to the modern golfer but will also add value to our existing members as well.”

Participating De Vere Venues include Wokefield Park, Berkshire; Staverton Park, Northamptonshire; Wychwood Park, Cheshire and Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club, Surrey (part of PH Hotels).

PlayMoreGolf director, Jamie Carroll, explained: “We believe PlayMoreGolf is the future of how golfers will undertake their membership activity, as nothing beats the feeling of belonging to a club and the more people feel they belong, the more they will play and enjoy the game. The points based system still gives golfers traditional membership benefits at their ‘home’ club, but also offers the flexibility and variety of golf at other selected clubs across the UK.

“De Vere Venues is one of the UK’s most forward-thinking golf venue operators and we will be working closely with them to develop bespoke support packages designed to safeguard against membership migration and the amount of members and revenue for each venue is maximised.”

Created by the team behind the phenomenally successful De Vere Club, which attracted 18,000 new members to 12 golf clubs in just four years and only saw up to 3% of the ‘traditional’ members migrating over to the flexible scheme, PlayMoreGolf provides its partner clubs with bespoke support packages. The packages include sales training support, member acquisition marketing campaign support, a fully integrated customer relationship management programme (CRM), and a web-booking engine that directly interfaces with the club’s booking requirements.

At-a-glance: Key benefits of PlayMoreGolf

  • Grow membership revenue by up to 50% inside three years
  • No risk growth opportunity
  • Reduce the average age of members by up to 20 years
  • Grow traditional membership
  • Bespoke sales training support
  • Member acquisition marketing campaign support
  • Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management Programme (CRM)
  • Web booking engine that interfaces with club’s existing booking platform

For more information email sales@playmore.golf or call 01608 670205.

Written by Michaela Grossi

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