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Did you know that here at PlayMoreGolf, we recently celebrated our 4th Birthday! In celebration, we thought we would look back at what we have done over the years. During the last four years, we have been working hard to constantly improve the offering of our flexible golf membership. Including the following:

PlayMoreGolf Members App for Android and iOS

We now have a mobile app for all members, which allows you to manage your account, make bookings using your home or flexi points to play on the course of your choice. This isn’t all, you can also now invite up to three friends to join you and play using your points! That isn’t the only thing our app does, we keep you updated on any new/upcoming news from PlayMoreGolf!

Buddy Booking and buddy requests

Speaking of bringing your buddies. We have made it easier for you to invite and play with your friends using your points at any of the 230+ PlayMoreGolf courses. A friend referral scheme is also available throughout the year which enables you and your buddy to receive points when your buddy joins the PlayMoreGolf scheme.  A brand-new referral section on your PlayMoreGolf account has recently been updated for our members. Making it a quick and easy process for you to now refer your friends and gain some extra points!

Using Flexi-Points at home

Don’t want to play away and use your flexi points at any other clubs? We have got you sorted; you can now use all your flexi points at your home club making the most of the membership.

Renewals retain original date, so you don’t miss out renewing early

When it comes to renewing your membership, you may wish to renew early and we have made it so you are not restricted in any way. You will keep your original date rather than it reverting to the date that you renewed on. For example, if your renewal date was 1st April 2020 and you renewed today, your next renewal date would not be until 1st April 2021. Also, if you do not use your home points within the year, you can carry them over to the next year of the membership if you remain at the same club.

Rebuilt booking platform and general site rebuilds

We have spent a lot of time making changes to our product, looking at ways to improve our membership giving you the golfer, great value for money. We have improved the booking process making it easier to book your rounds of golf online or on the app and improving navigation around your account.

Trophies/achievement score/buddy leader board

You will now be able to see all the trophies you have achieved and scores from previous sessions you have booked.

Facebook page and members group

We want you to share everything PlayMoreGolf with your fellow members. We have set up two pages on Facebook to allow you to do this, including a member only group! If you haven’t already, check out and like our Facebook page today!

Payment Plan

We now offer monthly payments plans instead of paying it all in one go, you can spread the cost of membership across four consecutive months. The payment plans at each club are different, so make sure you have checked the one available at your local club!

Green Fee Price Guarantee

Find a green fee that is cheaper than what you paid using your points! Not to worry, we have a green fee price Guarantee. Find a cheaper price and we will refund the difference in points back onto your account.  Our price guarantee excludes various website hot deals, Groupon and home club member guest green fee rates.

Continuing to grow and improve our PlayMoreGolf network

We now have over 230 clubs across the UK. Once you join, you will have the opportunity to play at any of our clubs within our network, and we are always working on gaining new clubs on a monthly basis!

This isn’t all. We work with each individual club to ensure you are getting the most out of your flexible golf membership for both your winter and summer matrixes.  We understand how much the long days, short days and weather have an impact on when you can play golf. Make sure to check out your local club and the point matrix available with them as it may have changed since the last time you checked!

Thank you for joining us on our whistle stop tour of the past 4 years. Not only is this a brief look into the changes we have made. Here is to another 4 years and more changes, adding even move value to our flexible membership, to benefit you the golfer. Who knows… changes could be coming sooner than you think!

Written by Michaela Grossi

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