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With the UK starting to see some glorious weather we are all starting to edge closer to summer, where sitting outside in the garden socialising, drinking a cold beer or a chilled bottle of wine will be easier. This week we saw an article in the Independent which was looking at what sport you should take up depending on your personality type. Being biased of course we think that golf is suitable for everyone as it works for numerous personality types. Check out the five different personality types and which sport was recommended. The question is which would you rate higher, golf or……

Personality Type: Competitive
Sport choices: Tennis or Golf

A bit like golf, tennis is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge. Although not the easiest sports to master, both require a tough mental attitude when in a competitive environment.   With huge pressure points with either serving to stay in the match or putting to get that birdy, for some the pressure can be too much. Which sport would you put at the top for someone who is competitive! The result would be…..

Winner: Tennis

By a whisker. And when you see a lot of the top professional tennis players playing golf on their off days with the likes of Andy Murray and Caroline Wozniacki you can see that golf comes a very close second.

Personality Type: Sociable
Sport choices: Football or Golf

Football for many has been a sport which has been played with friends and parents from a young age. Many can remember kicking the football around with their dad on a weekend with many feeling football enables you to catch up with friends while getting a bit of a sweat on. Now golf on the other hand in our view is one of the most sociable sports there is. When you are not being competitive, there is plenty of time to chat and with a catch up on the 19th hole, golf really is a great sociable sport.

Winner: Golf

Again like tennis, those competitive footballers on the field also love to play golf in their down time. They include both Gareth Bale and Harry Kane, who love to enjoy some time on the course.

Personality Type: Focussed
Sport choices: Swimming or Golf

For those with a very focused and determined personality swimming could be for you. For those who aren’t necessarily craving social interaction swimming gives you a chance to not only stay fit but for many it helps them relax from the stress of the day or prepare for the day ahead. With golf, practising that swing requires patience and determination. For many the driving range is where they are the most focused, looking at what needs improving and working hard to achieve it.

Winner: Tie

For this one it was a hard choice as for us those professional golfers are some of the most focused sports people around. One of the greatest swimmers of all time Michael Phelps is also an avid golfer.

Personality Type: Quirky
Sport choices: Frisbee or Golf

Now I must admit that this category seemed an odd choice, but when you look at how many sports are out there and that many just like to try everything we thought why not! Which is quirkier, frisbee or golf? With frisbee you need great hand-eye coordination, for many they enjoy the sport with the ability to have a beer waiting on the side for you.

At this point in time I must admit, I am not sure how golf can beat frisbee as being quirky, so we have a clear winner on this one.

Winner: Frisbee

If you know of any professional frisbee tournaments let us know! But we wouldn’t know if many competitors in the sport also enjoyed some golf now and again.

Personality Type: Adventurous
Sport choices: Rugby or Golf

More and more women are playing both golf and rugby than ever before. Rugby might not be for everyone, but for those who are adventurous and have no fear rugby suits them well. Golf can be adventurous for many in terms of combining golf with travel. For those who love travelling and experiencing new cultures, there are some amazing courses at many destinations around the world such as the Vipingo Ridge Golf course in Kenya.

Winner: Rugby

The final example of a sports person from another sport who also enjoys golf is Matt Dawson who enjoys the sport when not on ‘A Question of Sport’. The World Cup winner currently plays off nine.

For those sports loving people, many rarely stick to one sport and with many professionals taking up golf either when retiring from their competitive sport or playing alongside when not training you can agree that golf really is for anyone. You may be also interested in the 10 Best Golfers Famous for Other Sports to see which professional sports stars have managed to become competitive in golf!

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Written by Stephen Page

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