Study reveals playing sport can increase your chance at landing a job, particularly Golf!


From re-writing your CV to filling out job application forms, looking for a new job can be stressful and time consuming. A recent study by Golf Support reveals which sports listed on your CV helps boost your employment potential and golf features in the top 5.

Many companies look at sport participation on CVs as they believe that those with a sporting background possess a lot of transferable skills. 200 companies were surveyed on their recent recruitments, with 68% of the hires mentioning sport on their CV. When looking at which sport candidates mentioned, the top 5 list below reveals which sports were mentioned the most frequently.

5th Place with 11% - Netball

This team sport played by two teams of seven players, predominantly played by women, is extremely popular in many Commonwealth nations. Many organisations feeling that playing in a group gives you a team orientated approach to work.

4th Place with 12% - Rugby

This full-contact team sport originating in England, is very appealing to many recruiters. Like Netball, playing this sport shows you can be a team player, but also possess good strategic planning, something that many team sport players possess when undertaking psychometric testing.

3rd Place with 14% - Boxing

The first country to introduce boxing as a sport was Greece, back in 688 BC, with some documented evidence even dating back further to Egypt around 3000 BC. 51% of companies found that playing a sport shows a competitive streak and boxing is a great indication on showing what people endure to win at all costs.

2nd Place with 17% - Golf

At number two is golf. With many of you being keen golfers we don’t need to mention why people love the sport. Recruiters like seeing golf as a favourite past time, it shows many positive attributes including possessing excellent strategic planning skills. Interesting fact on golf, it was banned three times for years after it was invented because the Scottish government believed it interfered with military training.  The Scottish do love their golf!

1st Place with 21% - Tennis

The number one sport that was listed was tennis. Mental strength is required in many sports but many would say tennis is one of those that requires not only speed, strength, and endurance, but a strong mental strength, more so than many other sports. Something that many recruiters feel can transfer over into the working environment.

For those looking for a new job during this time, we wish you well and hope that participating in golf helps you get the ideal job for you in 2021.

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Written by Stephen Page

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