The Launch of the New World Handicap System

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November 2nd Marks a significant change for many golfers, not just in the United Kingdom but around the world, with the launch of the World Handicap System (WHS).

The WHS is designed to be a fairer method to determine a player’s handicap, establishing a method for more accurately calculating a golfer’s current playing ability.

Before the launch of the WHS there were six different handicap systems, all with slightly different result when calculating a players’ handicap. The new WHS will help unify these systems and create one of the biggest changes to the handicap system since the national handicap was introduced in 1911. With the handicap system being uniformed throughout the world one of the biggest benefits is you will be able to transport and use your ‘Handicap Index’ on any course no matter the location.

With the old CONGU handicap system, every score card you entered previously would affect your handicap, using the new WHS this will not happen as it will be based on an average calculation. The WHS will calculate your Handicap Index by taking your best eight scores from your last 20. The benefit meaning the challenging course conditions with the winter weather will not heavily impact your handicap and when one of your best scores is no longer able to be used as part of your average, it won’t change your handicap too dramatically.

The highest handicap a golfer can have is 54 and if you are new to the sport wanting to obtain a handicap, the handicap calculation will be very similar to how it has been calculated previously, where you are required to enter 54 holes, which can be done playing rounds of 18 holes or 9 if preferable.

For further information we recommend clicking here and reading the further information that Golf England have put together.

National Golfing Associations are being encouraged to communicate information out regarding the new WHS. If you are finding you have any outstanding questions, or require any additional clarification please let us know and we will answer as many as possible. This can be done by submitting any questions via our Facebook Page or leaving a comment below.

Written by Michaela Grossi

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