The need for greater golfing flexibility

If you’ve been thinking about taking up golf for a while but have hesitated due to the cost of a golf membership, or you’re currently a golf club member but feel restricted by the club’s terms and conditions, you’re not alone.

Many golfers have commented on the inflexibility that has come to be associated with the sport, with one survey suggesting half of golfers feel intimidated by their home club rules. And that’s where Play More Golf comes in.

For just £350 per year, a Play More Golf member can choose, join and play on the same day all whilst using an online points system, with any unused points rolling into the following year as to not go to waste. This not only saves money when compared to the average cost of an annual golf club membership, but comes with a set of benefits unparalleled elsewhere.

The game of golf is of great national interest, with approximately 4 million golfers in the UK and over 3000 golf courses to play on. Not only that – £4.3 billion is spent on golf in the UK each year, with £2.2 billion of that channelled through golf memberships alone. That’s why, at Play More Golf, we like to ensure golfers have access to as many options as possible, so that the game can be enjoyed by all, with fewer restrictions than ever before.

At Play More Golf, all the perks of a traditional golf membership remain intact, including preferential booking windows, 7-day-a-week golf course access and the ability to hold a handicap, but with the added flexibility of being able to play golf at more than one location, creating a smoother, more convenient and cost-effective experience. And with so many golf clubs on board, we’re sure that no matter where you are, Play More Golf can help match you with the right course. So, if you travel for business and regularly find yourself away from your home club, you have the option with Play More Golf to use 20% of your designated credits at a golf club in your chosen location with all the benefits of a full member. No fuss, no questions asked. However, if you want to use all of your point allocation at your home club you can. Yes, you can use your flexi points on your home course!

So, who would benefit from a more flexible golf plan?

  • Anyone who loves golf but cannot afford a local club membership.
  • Busy golfers who juggle work and family commitments and therefore require a greater selection of options as to when and where they play.
  • Anyone with professional or personal commitments requiring travel to another location within the UK.
  • Groups of friends or colleagues with varying schedules who want to co-ordinate their play using an easy, clear, online system.

Of course, if you are a professional, you may also benefit from the Play More Golf corporate membership. From just £1,750 (inc VAT) per year, and your golf can be enjoyed by staff and clients with the same flexibility options of an individual membership. This not only saves a company a significant amount of money but allows companies with multiple regional offices to play golf at a club nearest to them. And if more than 250 rounds are required, additional points can be purchased on the company’s online account. There’s no complicated administration, no need to make phone calls or navigate individual club websites. The Play More Golf online account is updated in real-time and couldn’t’ be more straight-forward to use.

So, if you are one of the 50% of golfers who would prefer greater game flexibility or are thinking of taking up the sport but have been previously put off by soaring prices, Play More Golf is for you. Click here to find out about the additional perks of becoming a Play More Golf member or call us now on 0330 555 6555.

Written by Michaela Grossi

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