How to Host the Perfect Golf Open Day

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Opening your golf club to the public is a great way to showcase what you have to offer. At PlayMoreGolf we’ve seen how marketing your club in this way has brought membership sales success to PlayMoreGolf partner clubs. We’re pleased to say that we are offering a FREE detailed checklist to help you get organised and run your Open Day smoothly. Simply download the PDF from your dashboard.

Here are our top tips on hosting a highly effective open day.

Shout About It

People will only come to your Open Day if they know about it! So you need effective marketing. Use different marketing methods to go after a fresher, younger demographic. Use your email mailing list, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and website to promote your event digitally. You can, of course, also create a press release for your Open Day which can be sent to local news outlets for both print and digital publishing. If you are affiliated with any third party businesses that might mutually benefit from an Open Day, get them involved and let them market your event too!

Include ALL Your Clubs Assets

You’ve more to offer at your golf club than just the golf course, and it’s crucial your prospective members know this. Incorporate all your club’s facilities into your Open Day. For example, if your club has a spa, you can hand out discount vouchers to use on selected treatments on that day only. Similar offers on drinks and food at your bar and restaurant, on accommodation, golf lessons and function rooms will all appeal. A tour of the premises is a great way to show off all of your club’s attributes in one hit.

Give Something Away

A promotional give-away from your club can serve two important purposes. It will make guests feel special and valued by the club and can bring prospective members back for a second visit. For example, if you give out discount vouchers for your restaurant, guests will be persuaded to return at a later date, boosting your restaurant’s revenue and increasing the likelihood of purchasing a flexible golf membership. Don’t forget to give out a leaflet reminding guests of the flexible golf category and what they need to do to join.

Collect Prospective Details

Your club’s mailing list is one of its greatest marketing assets. An Open Day is the ideal opportunity to gather meaningful customer data such as email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers. You can do this when guests book a round of golf in advance of the Open Day. This way, even if they don’t purchase a flexible membership on the day, you can keep in touch with them in the future, increasing the likelihood that they may make a purchase at a later date.

Follow Up

After your Open Day it is crucial that you follow up with your guests whether they have purchased a flexible golf membership or not. For those who became members, send out a welcome pack, welcome email or make a phone call thanking them for their purchase. For those who didn’t purchase, keep in touch using the latest offers and special deals from your club.

Remember, you can download a FREE checklist on hosting the perfect Open Day from your dashboard. Log into your account to gain access to this exclusive offer.

If you are interested in becoming a PlayMoreGolf Partner Club and would like some more information then please contact us on sales@playmore.golf.


Written by Emma Rowlands

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