March & April: The two Most Important months of the year For your Golf Club

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Spring is here and with it the start of a new financial year. As a result, many golf clubs around the UK will see more members join across March and April than they do across the rest of the year combined — if they can offer the right kind of membership.

Halfway through golf’s busiest season, can you confidently say you’ve done everything you can to maximise this opportunity and attract new members?

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The start of a new golfing season

The end of March sees a steady rise in good weather, so it is only natural that golfers will begin to think about venturing back out onto the course.

As you can see from the below chart provided by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc, March sees a steep incline of rounds played across the UK. This means that, by April 1st, your golf club should be experiencing greater numbers of rounds booked and should be prepared to engage these customers for a more successful summer ahead. A well-prepared golf club will have already begun making these preparations ahead of April to ensure the facilities and club offerings are ready in time for the busy season.



The new financial year is beginning

Your golf club is, first and foremost, a business. For many clubs the business financial year begins in April, so you have a fantastic opportunity to hit the ground running and get your revenue ahead of the curve with a great start to the golfing season.

This April you may decide to offer something special to attract new customers such as a flexible membership category, providing a range of benefits to both you and your members. Not only does this bring fresh demographics into your club but also boosts revenue without affecting your existing customer base.

Acquire new members 365 days a year with a flexible membership category

 Although April 1st is thought of as the most important day of the year for many golf clubs, the recruitment of new members should be a priority every day.

Golf clubs should be ‘shopping’ for their future members online, but once you have found your prospective member what do you do with them? Ensuring you have a proactive prospective member process within the club is crucial. That maybe yourself, golf professional, secretary or even a keen member of the committee.

To make life simpler, enable golfers to join your club online. To see how the PlayMoreGolf flexible membership category and platform supports and enables golf clubs to do all of this, visit our club partner website.

Spending habits change

People tend to spend less immediately after Christmas and New Year. In fact, the end of January is often known as the most depressing day of the year for most due to a combination of winter weather, Christmas credit card bills, and returning to work following a break.

But April sees an increase in overall spending, and that means more people will be looking to purchase a golf membership. Not only that, but reports show that leisure spending boomed last year between April and June, demonstrating that now is the time consumers look to spend their hard-earned cash on the hobbies and interests they enjoy.

Our club partnership can help you attract these new members. Don’t just take our word for it; watch the video below to find out how.



Learn more about how flexible golf membership can grow your club

When you add a flexible membership category to your golf club, you are attracting new customers that would otherwise be unlikely to sign up. Furthermore, our research has shown that existing golf club members prefer to stick with their traditional membership category, meaning your existing customers are unlikely to convert to a flexible membership. Ultimately, your current revenue streams from these customers will remain stable.

Our flexible membership allows a younger, fresher demographic of golfers to join your club, as well as people out-of-area who may spend their flexi-points at your golf club while away on business or pleasure.


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