How Can Social Media Help Your Golf Club Reach A Wider Audience?

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The way businesses communicate with customers has evolved dramatically over the past decade, with digital marketing now playing a key role in the buying and selling of almost all products and services. In fact, it’s now clear that without an online presence and strong digital marketing plan, any business in any industry will suffer. And the golfing sector is no exception. That’s why, at PlayMoreGolf, we offer a comprehensive marketing package when you become an affiliated golf club.

But while we help you to effectively promote and sell your new flexible membership offering, there are multiple ways you can be highlighting other aspects of your golf club to new and existing golfers. Unfortunately, many golf clubs allow their websites and social media presence to become stagnant, or erroneously believe that print marketing is all that’s required to retain customers’ interest. That’s why we are offering you some helpful hints and tips to better your online presence and grow your business as a whole.

Start a club blog and keep it updated

Over the years, increasing numbers of businesses large and small have incorporated blogging into their marketing strategy and noticed powerful results. Now, over 60% of B2C organisations are using blogging as a marketing tool, and that’s because websites with frequently updated blogs receive higher rates of traffic and indexed links than stagnant sites. The great thing about incorporating a blog into your golf club marketing strategy is you can:

  • Keep your existing members updated with the latest news about your club, including the introduction of new features, deals and staff members.
  • Share customer stories and testimonials, which naturally persuade prospective members into joining.
  • Show that your golf club is current, thriving and in good shape.
  • Splinter content from your blog onto social media with links back to your website, creating a loop effect.

Reach a wider demographic of golf members on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook now has over 2.2 billion users. That’s almost a quarter of the world’s population. Of these, 1.45 billion people log onto Facebook daily and 31 million users live in the UK. It is
the most populated, actively used platform in the world and has completely transformed the way businesses reach their customers. As for the demographics, Facebook is no longer considered a platform just for the young. An estimated 27% of users are aged 35-54, and there has been an 80.4% growth in over 55s using the site. Therefore, whether you’re looking to engage a younger golfing membership or want to reach out to your traditional market, Facebook is a good way to go. As well as uploading pictures and live videos, you can keep customers informed about important information relating to club opening times and changes. You can also direct them to your blog or a sales landing page. Creating a Facebook advert can be a simple and effective tool to reach new audiences, with targeting facilities available so that you can be placed in front of avid golfers and those who fit your ideal customer avatar. Instagram is also a lovely photo sharing tool that allows you to promote the aesthetics of your club. Capture a series of spectacular images with your camera phone and use appropriate filters to amplify gorgeous aspects of your golf course, hotel or restaurant. This will appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and encourage enthusiasts to visit your club and make use of the facilities.

How PlayMoreGolf can help

When you become a PlayMoreGolf affiliated club, a customised marketing plan is established to promote your flexible product and drive traffic to your club. The weight of marketing responsibility surrounding your new flexible membership product is taken on by a team of experts who not only know the ins and outs of social media and digital marketing but have vast experience in the game of golf and a clear understanding of your targets. But we also recommend you undertake your own marketing activities relating to your club in general, boldly putting your business on the digital map and engaging your existing customers as well as reaching out to new ones. If you’d like to learn more about the best ways to do this, get in touch with us today.

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