How can golf clubs appeal to a wider demographic?

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In 2014, The Financial Times reported a worrying trend. The average age of a regular golfer in the UK had risen 15 years, from 48 to 63, in a mere five-year window. Many golf clubs and players yearned to see golf appeal to a younger, fresher audience, but faced challenges (and continue to do so) in modernising the demographic. A combination of reasons exists for this shift, including the increasing nomadic nature of younger people (both in their personal and professional lives), higher general living costs, a change in family roles and, crucially, the inflexibility of traditional golf memberships. It’s imperative, therefore, that clubs recognise and adapt to this need for greater golfing flexibility, both in terms of its offering and its cost. So, what does the average PlayMoreGolf member look like and how can your club take steps to appeal to them?

A PlayMoreGolf member is on average 17 years younger than a traditional member

As lifelong golfing enthusiasts, we want to see the sport trickle down into the younger generations, engaging men and women from all age groups and backgrounds. Currently, many golf clubs report a much more mature membership demographic, posing important questions for golf club owners such as, ‘if our club members are already at pension age, what is this customer landscape going to look like in 10 years’ time?’. Yet, the typical PlayMoreGolf member is an average 17 years younger than a traditional member, giving clubs a chance to reach out to younger audiences, diversify their customer spread and retain customers for longer periods.

PlayMoreGolf members value family time, and may even bring this to your course

One of the primary reasons a PlayMoreGolf member chooses a flexible membership is that it allows them to manage their passion alongside family time and similar commitments. As you’d expect with a younger customer demographic, increasing numbers of men of parenting age are choosing to take a more active role in their children’s upbringing, with modern options like ‘shared maternity leave’ now available in place of traditional male and female parenting responsibilities. Given the evolving family landscape, (such as both men and women choosing to have children later in life and a growing number of people looking after elderly parents and young children simultaneously), it has never been so critical to offer flexible golfing options to permit these groups easier access to the game they love. What’s more, certain packages offered by PlayMoreGolf can give these customers an opportunity to purchase games for their partners, children or parents, meaning the entire family a chance to enjoy a round of golf together at a time and location that suits everybody.

PlayMoreGolf members view golf as a valuable business tool

Many a deal has been made on the golf course – that’s no secret. But with the rise of technology, businesses no longer need to be pinned to one particular geographic area for employees to work well together. Colleagues, clients, stakeholders and suppliers can be scattered across the country (or the world) and still regularly connect via their laptops, phones and social media tools. Given the expanding nature of the workforce, it makes little sense for a company to be aligned to only one golf club for its corporate games. We have found that PlayMoreGolf members appreciate being able to select a golf course closest to their next business meeting and giving clients and colleagues the option to partake in a round together. While the company’s ‘primary’ golf club may be situated close to their main office, PlayMoreGolf allows them to spend a portion of points at other clubs, giving them greater flexibility when finalising deals elsewhere.

It’s evident, given the trends, that golf clubs need to take positive action to attract and retain groups of golfers that can bring fresh flare to the game while increasing club revenue. It’s also important that club offerings appeal to younger golfers for the long haul, giving them options that any nomadic, family-orientated golfer can see him or herself utilising for years to come. PlayMoreGolf can help. Call us today to discuss how your club can incorporate a flexible membership and appeal to the right type of customer.

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