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We are not too far away from the end of the golfing season and across the board we have seen some fantastic success stories with our partner clubs. Not only are we introducing new members into the club, but we are also helping to attract full members, improving online presence, and providing clubs with great PR opportunities.  

A huge focus for us here at PlayMoreGolf and our partner clubs moving forward, is sharing our success stories. We want to give our clubs online exposure to share these wins with new audiences, and with the uncertain economic outlook many are facing working together with our successes has never been so important.  

Winter Membership & Planning Ahead 

With the night’s drawing in golfers are inevitably going to have less time to play. In normal years this often leads to reduced activity in selling 7-day memberships as the course is not as busy and less footfall means less leads. The current rise in cost of living sees many people looking at saving money and reducing their leisure pursuits as a result.

For new members our Points-Based Flexible Membership Category is a perfect option for golfers to try out the club over the winter months without having such a high membership fee as a 7-day membership. It gives them ample opportunity to play and become part of the club before renewals season. Our data shows us that if clubs’ welcome new flexible members and provide them with a positive experience when they join, they are much more likely to upgrade their membership to full 7 day when they come up to renew.  By this time many are hoping the new government will have put measures in place to control inflation enabling us all to feel more comfortable spending money on leisure pursuits.

For your current members it’s important to think about what they will do if they are unable to pay for the full 7- or 5-day membership when they come up for renewal. With the current environment clubs will require membership categories at different price points, giving members more choice for their dwindling disposable income. It’s now more important than ever to make sure you have plans in place to ensure that members remain at your club, rather than reverting to an occasional pay and play golfer.

It is not just consumers who will be worrying about rising costs, clubs all over the UK will be seeing their general running costs increased so now is the perfect time to get on the front foot and make contingencies for your club by providing various pricing options for your members. Clubs don't want to lose the benefits they have seen over the last two years. Offering multiple membership categories at different price points, giving members more choice and flexibility for their dwindling disposable income will be essential.

Our experience in working with over 300 golf clubs to implement our points-based membership product and provide an invaluable alternative route to membership, coupled with our ability to support clubs across all the market with whatever their current or future challenges are make us the right partner to have on board.

To find out more about introducing a points-based flexible golf membership at your club, visit playmore.golf/club-partner or email us at partners@playmore.golf

Written by Stephen Page

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