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How To Make 2019 A Better Year For Your Golf Club


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PlayMoreGolf Flexible Golf Membership Continues to Grow Into 2019

The lifeblood of any organisation is in its membership. And finding new initiatives to attract more players onto the fairway is never easy. However, times are changing and golf clubs across the country, indeed across the world, have had to adapt their approaches to address a declining membership and find new players to fill those revenue-draining empty tee slots.

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Unlock Hidden Value Within Your Golf Club

No matter the size or location of your golf club, there are many ways to unlock hidden revenue and maximise membership numbers. Make small and simple adjustments to your current offering or more prominently market your club’s key features and consequently notice a huge difference to your quarterly figures. We’re pleased to see that some of our PlayMoreGolf partnered clubs are already doing a great job with this. But if you’re looking for ways to unlock even more value, read on, as we have some tried and tested suggestions:

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How You Can Maximise Golf Club Revenue During Winter


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Boost Golf Club Membership During Autumn & Winter

With the golfing season typically running between April and September, many clubs go into slow-down mode over the winter months. While you may see some of the more dedicated golfers on the course in the windy weather, the majority of members will tuck away their 9 irons until the frost has well and truly cleared.

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