How To Make 2019 A Better Year For Your Golf Club

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As a business, your golf club should be constantly striving for success. Each year should build on the last, with your membership numbers growing, category offering expanding and club revenue reflecting these accomplishments. We’ve been thrilled to see so many PlayMoreGolf partner clubs enjoy a wealth of triumphs throughout 2018, and we want to see a push for even more success for golf clubs in in 2019. Here’s how we recommend you do this:

Create a calendar of events

Open days and seasonal events at your golf club in 2019 can help you to drive profits, increase your mailing list and reach members you’d otherwise miss. We recommend you proactively organise your 2019 calendar in advance of the new year. Special occasions like Valentines Day, Easter and Mother’s Day can be used to host social events while driving your overall club sales. Open Days are also incredibly useful for attracting serious prospective members. Read our blog post on hosting the perfect open day here. Remember to publish your calendar on your website and promote events via social media.

Rethink your social media campaigns

If you want your golf club in 2019 to do better than it did in 2018, you may need to give your social media marketing a boost. Having an online presence is not enough. With the support of the PlayMoreGolf marketing department, you need to constantly drive your social media engagement to reach and attract as many prospective members as possible. You can do this by:

  • Boosting Facebook posts and running ads
  • Engaging with followers on Instagram and Twitter
  • Uploading YouTube videos
  • Posting into Facebook groups
  • Regularly uploading and sharing pictures of your club
  • Keeping a blog and sharing updates across channels

Complete a competitor analysis

It’s important you keep an eye on what competing clubs are doing and stay one step ahead. Make sure your marketing addresses customer pain points and suggests a solution that no other competing club can offer. If competing clubs are offering flexible membership but you are not, it may be time to think about introducing this option – details of which can be found below.

Add a flexible golfing category

Adding a flexible golf category to your golf club in 2019 can help to bring in new members and boost revenue without impacting your existing setup. It’s also a fantastic way to engage new demographics in golf and diversify your membership. Get in touch with us on marcus.weatherburn@playmore.golf to discuss ways flexible golf can benefit your club. You can also check out some success stories on our website.

Written by Emma Rowlands

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