How to Improve Female Participation in Golf

Golf has, since its conception, been viewed as a male-orientated game. And the figures still support this. In the UK, approximately 63 per cent of all golfers are adult males, 14 per cent adult females and 23 per cent children. While the traditional golf market has targeted men (usually over the age of 50), broader feminist movements such as #MeToo and the gender pay gap have amplified the important role women play in all aspects of society, and challenged pre-existing attitudes towards women in sport, including the golfing space.

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How Can Golf Clubs Adapt To The Flexibility Needs Of Millennials?

Millennials (those born between the early 1980s and early millennium), are one of the most studied groups in history. Not only have they radically evolved the way we communicate thanks to the implementation of advanced online technologies, but have played a role in changing the landscape of work, parenting, home life and hobbies.

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The Club Benefits of a Flexible Membership Programme: An Interview with John Osbaldeston, Club Treasurer at Crompton & Royton Golf Club

Across the UK there are 3 million active golfers, but only 1 million golf club members. Therefore, there’s no doubt a huge opportunity to bring up to two thirds of golfers into a membership programme that benefits their game. Not only does joining a golf club bring in revenue for the club but installs a sense of belonging and community within the golfer. The problem is, across Europe, golf membership rates have regressed 25%, and so at PlayMoreGolf, we challenge the traditional golf membership model and propose a new way of working.

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An Interview with PlayMoreGolf founders Jamie Carroll and Marcus Weatherburn


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How Can Social Media Help Your Golf Club Reach A Wider Audience?

The way businesses communicate with customers has evolved dramatically over the past decade, with digital marketing now playing a key role in the buying and selling of almost all products and services. In fact, it’s now clear that without an online presence and strong digital marketing plan, any business in any industry will suffer. And the golfing sector is no exception. That’s why, at PlayMoreGolf, we offer a comprehensive marketing package when you become an affiliated golf club.

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How can golf clubs appeal to a wider demographic?

In 2014, The Financial Times reported a worrying trend. The average age of a regular golfer in the UK had risen 15 years, from 48 to 63, in a mere five-year window. Many golf clubs and players yearned to see golf appeal to a younger, fresher audience, but faced challenges (and continue to do so) in modernising the demographic. A combination of reasons exists for this shift, including the increasing nomadic nature of younger people (both in their personal and professional lives), higher general living costs, a change in family roles and, crucially, the inflexibility of traditional golf memberships. It’s imperative, therefore, that clubs recognise and adapt to this need for greater golfing flexibility, both in terms of its offering and its cost. So, what does the average PlayMoreGolf member look like and how can your club take steps to appeal to them?

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PlayMoreGolf Membership Myths Busted

As a reputable golf club with a loyal customer base, you may have multiple concerns about bringing in a flexible points system or question how much profit you can realistically achieve using this
method. That’s why we have collected some of the most common myths about flexible golf memberships and clarified the facts surrounding each of these. Read on to discover the answers…

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