How You Can Maximise Golf Club Revenue During Winter

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Noticed a downturn in sales during the winter months? We’ve got good news for you. There are ways to maximise golf club revenue in the quieter season, even if there are fewer golfers on the course. Here are our 5 top tips for keeping your members engaged this season and boosting golf club revenue:

Get them in for some fun

Getting your members in for some fun social nights and other activities will help keep them happy over the cooler season, even if they’re not up for playing golf. Quiz nights, social meetups or even a cheese and wine or karaoke night will appeal to your demographic and engage members during an ordinarily quieter time of year. Happy members spend more and they will use the bar and your other paid-for facilities: a win-win.

Everyone loves a free drink

For those members braving the golf course on a chilly afternoon, a hot drink or a nip of whiskey can make the world of difference. Deliver it to them by hand and the gesture is even more welcome. It will give your golf club team an opportunity to have a conversation with members and tell them any news or offers available. Don’t forget to promote your offers so that more members are tempted towards the course, even on grey days.

And everyone loves a free lesson!

Once you have identified your quietest days, offer a complimentary members-only session with a professional golfer on the driving range. This way they can receive hints, tips and specialised advice on all aspects of the game, getting them ready for when the golfing season starts up again.

The good old Christmas party

In the leadup to Christmas, celebrate the festive season with a party for your members. Open up the bar, decorate the club house and organise seasonal food, music and activities. Don’t forget to promote the event well in advance via social media and email to ensure you receive maximum participation.

The Winter sales

If your club offers other amenities such as a pool, spa or bar and restaurant, use them to your advantage. Offer a seasonal spa session at half price, a Christmas cocktail or seasonal menu to temp those who prefer not to play in Winter.

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Written by Emma Rowlands

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