5 Most Annoying Playing Partner Types on the Golf Course



For many finding that perfect playing partner for golf can be like finding a lost £20 hidden in your wallet. It happens but not often enough. Playing 18 holes with anyone can have its challenges, not only do you want someone who respects the game but also challenges you to play your best and you want to be on friendly terms by the end to have a cold beer on the 19th hole.

Golf Monthly looked at some of the most annoying habits on the golf course and here at PlayMoreGolf we have picked our top 5.

  1. The Cheater

This comes down to playing someone who doesn’t respect the game and does what they can to get ahead. For most, competition is a healthy part of the game but when a playing partner cheats it can make for an uncomfortable round of golf. Tackling this can be tricky, it is either a case of avoiding playing with them in the future or facing the issue head on and having a quick chat after the round.

  1. The Tortoise or the Hare

We all know that keeping a good pace on the course is critical, but there are those players who are such slow paced that you become anxious about the course stacking up behind you, which has an impact on your game. The main way to get around this is picking the quieter tee times so you know the issue will not cause too many problems. You also have those hare-like players who put too much pressure on you to speed things up when not always necessary. Again, having an impact on your game.

  1. The Amateur Coach

When you are new to the sport and have a lot to learn the odd tip here and there can be helpful, but when you have been playing the game for a good part of your life, having someone critique your game can be off putting. Even though their intentions are normally well intended, their tips and advice should be kept to themselves.

  1. The Rules Guy

Those players who know every rule possible and want to remind you of this. “You just picked the ball without marking its position, under rule 7.3 that’s a penalty of one stroke.” Playing with someone who doesn’t like to break the rules can make a challenging 4 hours. At the end of the day, it is all a bit of fun and some rules are made to be broken.

  1. Mr Oblivious

Whether you are putting to get your first birdy of the day or trying to figure out which club would work best for that tricky shot, Mr Obvious is there walking right across your line, answering a phone call from their kids or just talking and barely stopping for air. Usually unintentional, these can be challenging on your score card and may make you think twice about partnering with them again.

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Written by Stephen Page

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