5 attributes to look for in a GREAT kids’ golf instructor

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Golf is for everybody. Whether you’re aged 6 or 60, there is something about the game of golf that gives any individual an enormous sense of personal achievement.

Now that the summer holidays are in full swing, you might be struggling to find enough for your children to do to keep them occupied. Giving the gift of golf lessons can be ideal. Not only do golf lessons give your children something to do during the long, sizzling summer weeks, but builds on their skills for life. Furthermore, as golf is an outdoor game, it pulls kids away from their television sets and computer games and gives them a good dose of the outdoors before school starts up again in September.

When you’re a PlayMoreGolf member, you can make use of lessons offered by affiliated golf clubs*. And even if you take a family trip to another part of the country for a few weeks, you’ll be able to spend 20% of your points on golf clubs across the country, where you can also enquire about golf lessons for your children to keep them occupied.

So, what should you be looking for when selecting a golf instructor? Here are five attributes we believe every golf teacher should have:

An upbeat attitude

The summer holidays are long, hot and can drag after the second week. To keep your children engaged in their golf lessons it is important that their instructor has an enthusiasm for the game and an upbeat, encouraging attitude. Instructors with passion and an interest in the latest golfing news, sporting names and events can help maintain a child’s attention and, hopefully, some of this passion will rub off!

The right amount of technology

There are numerous ways to ensure that your kid’s golfing ability is improving with each lesson they attend, including flight tracking technology, swing trainers and launch monitors. When a golf instructor incorporates innovative technology into a lesson, they not only give you measurable outcomes to build on but engage young people in the process. Of course, it probably goes without saying that the ‘cooler’ and more interactive the technology is, the more it’ll impress young golfers. However, you don’t want your children relying too much on technology to learn the game, so a balance is needed.

Experience and playing ability

Children and adolescents are naturally inquisitive and will be likely to ask many questions during their lessons. It’s therefore critical that their golfing instructor has the experience and knowledge of the game to thoroughly answer any questions asked. Also, teaching a child is very different to teaching an adult and requires unique, clear communication skills. Experience in teaching children is therefore essential if your kids are going to get the most of their lessons. It goes without saying that the instructor should be very well trained in the game and able to demonstrate techniques at an expert level.


Golf is a game of patience. It takes time to learn the processes, terminology, rules and techniques. Children aren’t well-known for their willingness to wait, so it can be frustrating for them if a game is developing more slowly than they anticipated. Furthermore, rushing a child through a game can be counterproductive and stressful for them. Teaching a child patiently and letting them develop at their own speed is crucial if it is to retain their interest.


While children generally hate being given homework, it is good to find a golf instructor who is able to set mini tasks for learners to complete in between lessons. This not only helps them to develop their game more quickly, but retains their interest, increasing their chances of returning for the next booked lesson. For this reason, it is a good idea for your child to see the same instructor each time they have a golf lesson, so that homework can be reviewed and built on over time.

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* Additional fees may apply for purchasing golf lessons. Costs depend on the club selected.


Written by Emma Rowlands

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