5 Ways to Spend Your Savings When You’re a PlayMoreGolf Member

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If you’re keen to play more golf but feel put off by rocketing club prices or lack of flexibility available within a traditional membership, we’re keen to help. As a team of lifelong golfing enthusiasts and professionals, we want everyone with an interest in the game to be able to take part in the experience. And that’s where a flexible golfing membership comes in.

As well as giving you a wide range of club options and a greater flexibility with the way you spend your points, PlayMoreGolf help you to save money. In some cases, this can be as much as £400-£600* a year. To discover how much more affordable a flexible golf membership could be for you, use our savings calculator by clicking here.

So, the question is, what will you do with the leftover cash? Scroll down to read some of our ideas…

  1. A brand-new set of irons

    Would you like to step up your swing? A brand-new set of irons could be what you need. When you become a PMG member, you could allocate anywhere between £150 - £550 towards a set of irons that give you a straighter, higher, more draw-biased ball flight. Click here to browse a diverse range.

  1. Golf lessons

    Many of the partner clubs aligned with PlayMoreGolf have professionals on site to help you improve your overall game. Utilise their knowledge and experience by investing in a set of lessons for yourself (and a friend, if you’d enjoy the company) to gain lifelong skills and get more out of golf. To find out which clubs are currently offering lessons, speak to a PlayMoreGolf team member now.

  1. A handheld GPS golf device

    Can’t wait for your next birthday? Treat yourself to a state-of-the-art handheld smart GPS device especially designed for the golf course. Enjoy features like distance adjustment, smart notifications and pinpointer tools to enhance your game and give you a more enjoyable and technical golfing experience. Click here to discover more.

  1. A weekend’s stay in a club hotel

    With your savings, why not treat yourself and your partner to a luxury weekend away at one of the PlayMoreGolf’s linked country clubs or hotels? Spend a sunny afternoon on the golf course before settling down for a luxury gourmet meal, spa experience and glass of bubbly at the hotel bar. (Terms and conditions for each hotel and golf club apply).

  1. A PlayMoreGolf ‘Experience’ Gift Voucher

    Know someone that loves golf or is toying with the idea of swinging a club for the first time? Thanks to the flexibility of PlayMoreGolf, you can treat a friend or family member to a PlayMoreGolf ‘Experience’ gift voucher. This way, you’ll get even more out of your game as your best buddies join you on your nearest golf course.

Of course, there are many other options too. With the savings available by becoming a PlayMoreGolf member, you can not only be generally kinder to your bank account while fully utilising the flexible perks of membership but enjoy many more options for spending your allocated golf funds to gain more from your passion.

Got questions? Use our LiveChat feature to speak to a friendly expert today.

* Savings vary from member to member based on numbers of rounds played and location.

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Written by Michaela Grossi

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