The Social Benefits of Playing Golf

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Whether you’re a highly experienced golfer or are brand new to the game, everyone will agree that the golf course can be an incredibly sociable place to spend some much-needed downtime. This
week, we want to tell you more about how playing golf can boost your social life and help you to create lasting memories with friends, family and colleagues, as well as introduce you to our new Play More Golf app, designed to make your life easier.

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Make New Friends

Golf brings likeminded people together, enabling the development and maintenance of lasting friendships. In fact, it was P.G Wodehouse who once said, “To find a man’s true character, play golf
with him”. It is indeed a sport that allows you to explore many dimensions of your personality, and the personality of others. Whether you’ve had a shoddy work-week or wish to celebrate a fantastic personal achievement, the golf course provides the ideal setting for people to come together and share those moments with you. And given that it is a relatively quiet game, golf gives you quality time to talk and share stories as you make your way around the course. Following a game, a beer or prosecco at the clubhouse bar can be an excellent way to wind down and meet even more golfers from within your community and beyond.

Improve Business Relationships

Whether you’re in the early stages of cultivating a business relationship, or undergoing a period of difficult adjustment within your company, the golf course can be a neutral space for colleagues to enjoy the more social aspects of their relationships while resolving or talking through an issue. Sometimes an email or phone call is not sufficient for building trust, respect and loyalty between businesspeople, which is why the golf course can be the perfect place to find common ground. What’s hugely beneficial about a flexible golf membership is that you can form closer relationships with clients, stakeholders and colleagues across the country rather than rigidly committing to only one golf club. That means you have greater opportunity to socialise with other offices without shelling out extra for the privilege.

Create Memories

Many experienced golfers express fondness as they think back on their time on the golf course, remembering in great detail their first celebratory ace, or that time they couldn’t get the ball out of the bunker no matter how hard they tried. Golf offers a spectrum of experiences, from amusement and excitement to cringe-worthy embarrassments and near misses. That’s why memories are
formed to last in golf – no two games are the same and each one presents unique challenges to overcome. Whether you are a father, an uncle, a boss or best friend, the golf course is the ideal
place to take the people you care about to socialise, strategize and create fond memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Reduces Stress

Shockingly, almost half of Britons report experiencing chronic stress, a figure that can be reduced by making simple life changes. Stress can damage personal relationships, strain teams at work and do damage to an individual’s health. But, interestingly, golf can help. A combination of gentle exercise, outdoor space, fresh air, the excitement of the game and its slower pace compared to other competitive sports contributes to golf being good for your mood and wellbeing. By extension, golfers are likely to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which assists in continuing the cycle of positive mood and stress reduction. So, if you’re feeling tense or notice the symptoms of stress in others, head over to your nearest golf course and feel a whole lot better. The great news is, when you have a flexible Play More Golf membership, you don’t need to be near your home club to blow off some steam. Even if you’re away on business and experiencing a stressful episode, you’ll be able to spend points at the nearest registered club and enjoy a round at a time to suit you.

Try Our App

June will see the launch of the new Play More Golf app, allowing you to maximise the social elements of playing golf from your phone while enjoying all membership benefits with greater ease.
The app will be completely free and complimentary with your Play More Golf membership. We look forward to providing further updates on this in the coming weeks.

Got any questions? Contact us today on 0330 555 6555.

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