Is A Flexible Golf Membership Becoming The New Staycation?


Everyone loves a holiday abroad, but this year that might not be an option for you. Plus, do you often notice that holidays abroad aren’t always the most rejuvenating experience, especially when it comes to golf holidays. If your main holiday is normally abroad, then this year, perhaps the answer is a staycation and why not make it a golf one. Picture it now, good weather, beautiful course and you’re having a great round all whilst in the UK. And the best bit, a much lower chance of having to self-isolate once your holiday is over! 

There are a few things that you will need to take into consideration when looking at a golf holiday. The type of course, the journey length and location, your budget and more. Plus, it is easier to make any last-minute changes to your plan if needs be! You could even invite friends and family along without having to worry about the cost of the holiday piling up. Think about it, when you start planning a holiday you have the cost of flights, car hire, some where to stay, spending money and activities to do, the cost piles up. With a staycation you almost cut the cost in half! And of course, not forgetting that staycations can be planned last minute, fancy a spontaneous weekend away? 

You’re not limited if you want to plan a golf holiday in the UK. There are over 3,000 golf courses across the UK so there is something for everyone. Whether you want a rural, countryside holiday or want a mix of it all at a resort the UK golf industry has a lot to offer. The best bit, the only costs associated with this trip would be petrol, somewhere to stay and your round of golf!  

Here at PlayMoreGolf, we have seen a huge increase in members playing golf since coming out of lockdown across the UK. Within the first three months of golf reopening thousands of golfers joined their local club through PlayMoreGolf. Plus, pith people looking to take a staycation in the first third of the month, we have seen a 500% increase in purchases of our flexi top up bundle, UK golf trips are already being planned!

What if we told you joining a club with PlayMoreGolf could make that round of golf cheaper for your whole party! Our 12-month memberships range between £280 to £700 depending on where you select as your home club. Or you could even pay in 5 monthly instalments with the average cost of each instalment being £77.99, depending on your selected home club.

But, how would a 12-month membership reduce the cost of a staycation? Well, here are a few reasons why:

  • Flexi points can be used to play at any of our 260 partner clubs, or you can even use them at home course
  • You can use your points to bring up to 3 guests per round. Meaning if you choose to play on any of our partner clubs, we guarantee that the cost of our a round with us will be cheaper than a green fee and you can use your points to get that cheaper price for your friends (whether or not you ask them for the money in return we will leave up to you).
  • Our green fee guarantee. If you find a green fee that is cheaper than the cost of your round, we will refund you the points difference into your account. This does exclude member rates and hot deals.
  • You can buy both home and flexi top up bundles. Running a little low before your trip away? Not to worry, you can purchase one of our top up bundles and they will be added straight into your account.
  • Your membership lasts for 12-months, not just a weekend away. Plus, when you renew any unused home points carry over to your next membership year!

In celebration of our latest partnership with Peter Finch we have discounted our flexi point bundles for our members, giving them the best value for money for their golf staycation. We also have a limited time Peter Finch offer for new joiners. Click here to discover more!

UK golf trips are already being planned up and down the country using a PlayMoreGolf membership! So, what are you waiting for? Get planning your golf staycation and discover your new home club all through PlayMoreGolf!

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Written by Michaela Grossi

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