Playing Golf in the Autumn Months


The nights are drawing in and while some people enjoy the colder months, it can be an issue for golfers looking to get out on the course. There are those Golfers who believe that when the clocks go back, their clubs get stored away and do not come back out until the Spring. But if you can’t give up your golfing fix for that long then we have some tricks of the trade that will ensure you still get out on the (sometimes) greens.

We are going to look at a few golf hacks that can allow you to still play regularly in the winter months:

  1. Clothing is key – You may feel that this is obvious, but this is where good investment will pay off. Firstly, invest in a good base layer, something that will not limit your golf swing, so your trusty thick jumper will not do the trick. The key is to stay warm with a wafer-thin base layer. Then don’t forget those very important waterproof outer layers.

Keeping your hands dry and warm will be just as important, a wet weather glove is essential allowing firmer grip in the rain, helping you to control the club swing, even when you are battling the elements. It might be a case of needing multiple winter gloves, so be prepared to invest in a couple of well-reviewed accessories. Even whilst walking down the fairways, consider walking with some reusable hand warmers, there is nothing like trying to hit a shot with ice cold hands!

  1. Other Essential Changes – Now this will be things to consider taking or doing more often while on the course. Getting a winter golf ball is important. You will know that the golf ball will travel less distance in the colder weather, partly because the ball flight tends to be higher. The dense air also has more drag on the ball so when its colder the ball will fly slower. Also look at ways to keep your ball warm when not in play, even keeping it in your pocket from green to tee will make a significant difference.

Keeping the soles of your shoe clean will be important too, don’t let your cleats get lodged, just clean out every so often with your tee, as you don’t want to be slipping around on the course. Teeing off is especially difficult in the winter with rock hard tee boxes it can be very hard to keep a steady footing, so watch out on that backswing!

Finally remember how important the towel can be, chances are one towel will not be enough as will get messy quickly. Take a second towel and keep it in your bag for whenever you will need a clean one, like if you’re caught in a downpour and need to wipe your grips. When using an umbrella, consider having a towel hanging down inside of it for quick access to dry your hands, clubs and balls in the wet weather.

  1. Equipment – This is perhaps the most important part of winter golf and can dictate whether you have a good round or a bad round. There is nothing worse than being on the course and being cold. Our partners Crew Clothing have a wide range of lightweight jumpers, bodywarmers and rain jackets all tailored to your golfing needs. None will impact your golf swing so you can ensure a seamless transition on the course.

Footwear is the next big thing. Being able to grip and balance on shots is key in winter golf, how many times have you hit a good shot and then lost your footing afterwards? Being able to stay balanced while also being comfortable don’t always go hand in hand, with many winter golf shoes being uncomfortable. However, Skechers have you covered. Not only are their GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper shoes incredible in the cold and the wet, but they are built for your comfort. So aching feet after a long round will be a thing of the past.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you find important on the golf course which has helped improve your game, and what equipment or drills have helped improve your game. Please comment below or on our social media channels.

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Written by Jordan Sullivan

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