Relationship Couples Playing Golf 2023


Over the last few years many of us have realised how important sport is in our daily lives, not just in terms of improving our fitness and mental health, but also with being able to socialise with friends and loved ones in a competitive environment.

For those people who haven’t had a regular sport in their lives many are considering which sport to take up and many may have partners and loved ones who want to take up golf and join them on the fairways.

Some may be put off by the idea, others may embrace this new challenge. If done successfully, having a shared interest can improve your relationship and provide you with an excellent opportunity to have some much-needed quality time. However, before rushing into buying a second set of clubs, there are a few things to consider.

The first step – Picking up that golf club and hitting the driving range

Having a shared interest is great but teaching your partner how to play golf might not be the best way to start off your golf journey together. One piece of advice, unless you are a PGA Professional, maybe leave the teaching to a pro and at the same time support your local club.

We all feel like we know how to play the game but teaching someone is a whole different kettle of fish, especially when your partner may not always appreciate the constructive criticism. For something that is meant to provide you with some great quality time, starting an argument over how to hold the club is not the best starting point.

Get involved with your local club as much as possible

This can be rather important. Don’t limit golf as something that is just for the two of you. Whoever has been playing for years potentially has a group of friends who they regularly play with and this shouldn’t change. If you are new to the sport, after some lessons get involved with your local PlayMoreGolf club, meet some new people, and forge your own relationships. Make sure you do plan a game together regularly and enjoy some fresh air and quality time together.

The opportunity to be spontaneous

No one knows your calendar as well as your spouse and when the weather is great, or you have a day off together you can just grab any available tee time and you are on your way. Not only that but with your PlayMoreGolf flexi points you can have a staycation within the UK and play some golf using your flexi points to really get some great benefit from your flexible membership.

Somewhere to discuss issues at home

Golf between the two of you should be fun, where you can enjoy each other’s company, but many do use it as an opportunity to discuss challenges that either of you are facing in the relationship and talk about where you need help. After 4 hours on the course, you can not only come back with a great scorecard but feel happier that you have managed to find time to talk about something that has been bothering you.

For those who play golf and love the sport, it can’t get any better than being able to share it with others in your household, especially your spouse. Be honest about the journey with each other and use this as a time to get some quality time together. Don’t forget to allow each other to have a golf life separately as well and most importantly have fun.

The PlayMoreGolf membership can be a great starting point for couples wanting to play together. With the ability to book for yourself and up to three friends or family members your membership can be great value. With the added bonus of having flexi points for other courses in the UK, having a spouse who also plays enables you to explore other courses all over the UK. Why not visit our explore page to find your local course or find that perfect course for a staycation this summer?

Written by Stephen Page

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