What Are The Benefits of Owning a Flexible Golf Membership?



If you’ve been thinking about taking up golf for a while but have hesitated due to the cost of a golf membership, or you’re currently a golf club member but feel restricted by the club’s terms and conditions, you’re not alone.

Approximately four million people nationwide swing a club across 2,500 courses. Not only that, £4.3 billion is spent on golf in the UK each year, with £2.2 billion of that channelled through golf memberships alone.

Yet many golfers have commented on the inflexibility that has come to be associated with the sport. This is where flexible golf membership comes in.

What is a flexible golf membership?

Flexible golf memberships, like PlayMoreGolf, typically involve golfers paying a discounted annual subscription to be a member of their local club, and then reduced or free green fees for a certain number of rounds they play. With some memberships, these payments can be redeemed on other golf courses across the UK.

Flexible membership is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective, one of the most cited reasons why memberships at clubs have dropped so dramatically in the last decade.

These golf memberships are primarily targeted at:

  • Anyone who loves golf but can’t afford a local club membership
  • Busy golfers who juggle work and family commitments and therefore require a greater selection of options as to when and where they play
  • Anyone with professional or personal commitments requiring travel to another location within the UK
  • Groups of friends or colleagues with varying schedules who want to coordinate their play with a simple, easy-to-use online system

Interested in joining a flexible golf membership? Here are 10 reasons why you should join PlayMoreGolf.

The benefits of flexible golf membership

Golfers who own a flexible golf membership have access to a range of exclusive benefits. With the main aim of saving money, each membership differs depending on the golf club or scheme, but benefits typically include:

  • Seven days a week access to golf courses
  • Ability to play on multiple golf courses
  • Online booking system making it fast and easy
  • Hold an official CONGU handicap
  • Play in club competitions
  • Discounts on food, drink, and in the club shop

Here are five ways you can use your new savings to make your game better.

How PlayMoreGolf has helped golfers

PlayMoreGolf is a golf membership category that provides members with points. These points can be redeemed for rounds of golf and enables as many as 50 rounds depending on which course they choose and when they book to play.

With a choice of over 175 golf courses, members get to choose their home club as well as redeem their points at any other course across the UK.

Many of our members save anywhere between £300 and £800 per year, and each point value per round offers better value than any other discounted green fee price that a club will offer, meaning it’s one of the best golf memberships for value and overall experience.

As well as the above benefits, PlayMoreGolf members can also enjoy:

  • Preferential booking windows
  • Use your membership for up to three friends per round
  • Join with a friend and receive 10 free points each worth over £30
  • Numerous other offers depending on when you join


Thanks to PlayMoreGolf’s generous benefits and competitive annual fees, our membership base has grown to over 8,000 members in our first three years.

“I signed up to PlayMoreGolf as they had a great promotion on. Having played a lot of golf last year on a pay as you play basis, and with the good weather, I was playing up to four times a week which proved costly. Having worked out the price of a round using points it can cost the equivalent of £8 to play, which is unbelievable value for money."

Andrew Banting - PlayMoreGolf member at Herons Reach Golf Resort


Sign up and reap the benefits

Whether you’ve previously invested in a full membership but don’t play as much as you like or you’ve constantly paid for pay-and-play rounds and want something more cost-effective, owning a flexible golf membership is perfect for golfers on both sides of the scale.

Added benefits from clubhouse/shop discounts and access to golf competitions mean you’re not only saving money but encouraging new people to join in with the much-loved game just like yourself

Don’t let the cost of playing keep you from the golf course - sign up to a flexible golf membership and start reaping the benefits.


If you’re interested in benefiting by becoming a PlayMoreGolf member, check out our website and join now!

Written by Emma Rowlands

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