The Flexible Golf Membership – Everything You Need to Know


There is a greater need for flexibility when it comes to golf memberships. Golf is an ever-popular sport, with approximately 4 million golfers in the UK and over 3000 golf courses to play on. In 2019, there were 3.9m golfers in the UK and approx. 1.3m of those belong to a golf club. This means 2.6m people that play the game and either pay green fees or membership discount rates. Unless you can dedicate a large proportion of your time to justify the cost of a full membership, perhaps a full traditional golf membership isn’t an option. Enter the flexible golf membership category. 

At PlayMoreGolf, you can receive the perks of a traditional golf membership, including preferential booking windows, 7-day-a-week golf course access and the ability to hold a handicap, all for the fraction of the cost. Plus, the additional flexibility of being able to play golf at more than one location, creating a smoother, more convenient and cost-effective experience.  

So, who would benefit from a more flexible golf plan? 

Flexible membership is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective, one of the most cited reasons why memberships at clubs have dropped so dramatically in the last decade. The membership category is also perfect for: 

  • Anyone who loves golf but cannot afford a local club membership.
  • Busy golfers who juggle work and family commitments and therefore require a greater selection of options as to when and where they play.
  • Anyone with professional or personal commitments requiring travel to another location within the UK.
  • Groups of friends or colleagues with varying schedules who want to co-ordinate their play using an easy, clear, online system.

The benefits of flexible golf membership 

Golfers who own a flexible golf membership have access to a range of exclusive benefits. With the main aim of saving money, each membership differs depending on the golf club or scheme, but benefits typically include: 

  • Seven days a week access to golf courses
  • Ability to play on multiple golf courses
  • Online booking system making it fast and easy
  • Hold an official CONGU handicap
  • Play in selected club competitions 
  • Discounts on food, drink, and in the club shop

As well as the above benefits, PlayMoreGolf members can also enjoy: 

  • Preferential booking windows
  • Use your membership for up to three friends per round
  • Join with a friend and receive 10 free points each worth £35
  • Numerous other offers depending on where you join 

With so many golf clubs on board, we’re sure that no matter where you are, Play More Golf can help match you with the right course. So, if you’re travelling and find yourself away from your home club, you have the option with Play More Golf to use 20% of your designated credits at a golf club in your chosen location with all the benefits of a full member. No fuss, no questions asked. However, if you want to use all of your point allocation at your home club you can. Yes, you can use your flexi points on your home course! 

Did you know, we also offer instalment plans? Allowing you to make the cost of your membership even easier. Depending on your club, you can split the cost of your membership into 5 easy payments, starting from £61.99.

Still not sure, read 10 reasons why PlayMoreGolf offers the best golf membership deals  

You’re supporting golf clubs to be more successful! 

You might be wondering how your money is spent when you pay for your PlayMoreGolf membership. Well, the good news is, the majority of it goes straight to your ‘home’ golf club themselves, meaning they can spend that money making it a more enjoyable place to play. 

Don’t let the cost of playing keep you from the golf course - sign up to a flexible golf membership and start reaping the benefits. 

If you’re interested in benefiting by becoming a PlayMoreGolf member, check out our website and join now! 

Written by Michaela Grossi

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