How to harness pre-round buying behaviour at your golf club


At the end of 2020 we surveyed 3,500 of our members to gather key information on the additional spend that is generated for our PlayMoreGolf clubs. Our members play at over 250 golf clubs across the UK, so this survey provided us with brilliant insights into our members pre-round and post-round spending behaviours at clubs all over the country.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • On average PlayMoreGolf members spend £12.27 per person per round of golf on food and beverages, with 25% spending over £15.
  • PlayMoreGolf members across the UK contribute in excess of £2m of food and beverage revenue (based on member-only play and not including their guests) at our 250 partner clubs.
  • Over 70% of the PlayMoreGolf membership population use their points to play on multiple golf courses cross the UK.
  • 82% of members either always or generally take a guest or guests to play with them.
  • Of the members surveyed, 63% have taken a guest or guests with them when visiting other PlayMoreGolf Courses that are not their home club.
  • 40% of PlayMoreGolf members are likely to hire a buggy at least once during their membership year.
  • Practice facilities are used by 69% of PlayMoreGolf members, helping generate another revenue stream for clubs with the purchase of items such as driving range tokens, loyalty cards and equipment.

Since our last survey, the average additional spend on food and beverage has seen a 207% increase. Most of the spend on food and drink was generated after the round of golf, with an average of £8.99 being spent after the round, compared to an average of £3.28 prior to teeing off. There is potential to generate further additional revenue by introducing promotional offers on food and beverages purchased before members tee off - where the current spend is lower.

With golf being a sport where social distance is easier to manage and observe, last year golf courses around the UK were busier than ever. Our research highlights that over 70% use the benefit of their flexible PlayMoreGolf membership by visiting different courses, using their Flexi Points. This helps ease pressure on tee sheets when demand is exceptionally high, as PlayMoreGolf members can choose from over 250 courses. This also enables golf club tee sheets to be available to all PlayMoreGolf members who can take advantage of your unused tee times, generating extra revenue for your club.

Practice facilities are used by 69% of our members, with 14% using the practice facilities at least once a week and almost half (49%) using them once a month. Golf clubs could also consider using their Facebook or Instagram accounts to share technics or useful tips on what you can practice on the driving range. This could encourage more members to use their facilities while also helping build that important relationship with members. Building more interest in all areas of the club helps to encourage renewals and incentivise PlayMoreGolf members to upgrade their golf club memberships.

To find out more about introducing a flexible golf membership at your club, visit playmore.golf/club-partner or speak to our team of experts to arrange a no obligation membership health check so you can make sure your club is ready for when golf courses reopen later this year.

Written by Stephen Page

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