Working With Golf Clubs During Covid-19


With the recent pandemic and lockdown situation that the UK are in, it has been a very difficult time, especially for the Hospitality and Leisure industry. Over the past week, we have been speaking to many golf clubs across to UK. During our conversations, one thing that became evident was that each club are being proactive and creative when looking at different ways to react to the current pandemic.

Right up until we went into lockdown, golf was a sport that was still enjoyed by many, though many precautions had to be taken by both clubs and golfers. Taking this into account, we can only make the assumption that when the lockdown is lifted, golf will be one of the first sports to reopen.

It is understandable that everyone’s priorities have changed because of the current pandemic, and there will be those who find themselves in a tough financial position, where difficult decisions will need to be made. In these instances, even though it might be their passion, golf may have to take a back seat for a few weeks. Which could mean financial implications for the golf clubs themselves.

Here at PlayMoreGolf, we are in a position to be able to help both Clubs and Golfers during this difficult time. In fact, to help and support the 250+ golf clubs we are launching a series of specific products for clubs to generate that much needed cashflow which will enable them to operate and thrive when we come through this interim period.

With annual renewals fast approaching at the end of this month for many clubs, ensuring as much contracted revenue is secured over the next weeks will be vital, and we are helping our clubs with this. For both our partner clubs and entire Golfing community we are developing a unique membership product designed to generate you vital cashflow at this difficult time.

Our aim is to provide clubs  with a membership option that removes any concerns golfers or you’re your club may have around not being able to justify the cost of a membership or even how much they will be able to use their membership. It provides peace of mind that the golfer will not lose out if making a purchase now and also gives them a path back to full membership once the uncertainty is over and normality resumes.

At the same time our product is designed for Clubs to generate essential cashflow and combat members making no purchases but giving members both flexibility and confidence to continue their support of you as a club.

How will the product work and operate?

The membership is all ‘online’ meaning any of a club’s full members  can purchase  at any time remotely without needing to leave the comfort of their homes.

We understand the current difficulties being experienced by clubs and as a result we are making this as simple and attractive for the clubs as possible whilst managing ongoing account management of members booking and using it. In fact, we are merely covering our costs to help the clubs we work with at this difficult time.

Our aim for the club is then for members to upgrade back to a Full Membership at any point in the future (at no cost to the club). It will allow them to retain any remaining points from the membership for a following 12 months at no additional cost if they renew in the future. Not only will this to provide reassurance to members that they will not be penalised if they can’t play as often, but it will also comfort them knowing they are playing a key part in supporting their club during this difficult time.

All rounds of golf can be booked in online, for those clubs that don’t offer online bookings we have created an alternative service that will allow you to still take bookings.

What will PlayMoreGolf do?

This is the perfect solution for those full members who are concerned about renewing and considering delaying their renewal for the year. Our unique, innovative platform will be able to direct the individual to a payment page, giving them the comfort and security they are looking for with their membership. It will also enable our 250+ partner clubs to retain them as a member.

Our club support and membership sales team are also available to support clubs during this interim period of disruption.


If you have any questions on the above or would like to find out more information for your club contact us on 0330 555 6555 or visit our club partner page.

Written by Michaela Grossi

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