3 Flexible Golf Membership Myths Busted


You’re a reputable golf club with a loyal customer base and you’re looking to implement a flexible golf membership category into your club. However, you may have multiple concerns about bringing in a flexible points system or question how much profit you can realistically achieve using this method.

Sounds about right?

When discussing the PlayMoreGolf opportunity with clubs, we’ve noticed a trend in the questions we get asked about flexible golf membership categories:

“It seems like ‘cheap golf’” 

“Do I lose control of everything?”

“Am I losing money by selling it for less?”

This article will quash these three myths and help your club to have a clearer understanding of how our partnership works.

The 3 most common myths about flexible golf membership

Myth 1: Flexible golf memberships are ‘cheap golf’

Answer: If set up correctly, flexible golf memberships should be the most lucrative type of golf available at your club.

Given the cost-effectiveness of the PlayMoreGolf membership, as well as the fact members can be flexible with where they spend their points, you might believe there’s little value in your club getting involved.

In reality, our partner clubs are seeing 4x the yield per round vs a full member and 1.5-2x the yield of their average green fee.

Okay, but what about the revenue PlayMoreGolf can bring?

Some of the clubs with work with join in excess of 100 new members per year but on average, we would expect to be joining 72 new members per year with a retention rate in excess of 80%.

While results will likely take time to build up, you could expect to see around £90,000 in extra membership profit (over a 3-year period) by launching a flexible membership category at your club with PlayMoreGolf (and yes, this is after our fees!). This figure doesn’t include anyone who chooses to upgrade to full membership with you either, as well as any extra on-spend in the bar, restaurant, or golf shop.

Not quite as ‘cheap golf’ as clubs may think, right?

So what about our full members - will they ‘downgrade’? Discover the answer in our article.

Myth 2: I’ll lose control of my club or offerings by launching a new category in partnership with someone else

Answer: PlayMoreGolf doesn’t dictate or control any aspect of your club or offerings.

You may be under the impression that joining PlayMoreGolf as a partner means you give away a portion of control over your club. This is also a myth.

Each of our partner clubs operates their flexible golf membership category slightly differently and each club chooses all the parameters around their membership. This includes:

  • Price of subscription
  • How much golf a flexible member receives for that price
  • When a golfer can and can’t play
  • Booking windows
  • Competition access
  • All the terms and conditions

So, you’re offering the best deals to suit your customers and we’re offering any support throughout, whenever and wherever you need.

Myth 3: I have to sell my flexible membership for £325

Answer: You can now choose the starting price of your flexible golf membership category.

That’s right! We’ve listened to your questions and have recently decided to adapt our offering, allowing our partnered golf clubs to choose the starting price of their flexible membership category!

Many of our newest clubs have launched a flexible golf membership category at £390, £455, or £650 – the choice is yours. As a recommendation, we believe that your flexible golf membership should be about 1/3 of your full seven-day membership.

How does that sound?

Want to find out more about our flexible golf membership category? Discover everything you need to know in our handy guide.

Flexible golf membership myths: busted

Choosing a profitable, easy to maintain flexible golf membership category is a big decision for your golf club, and with it (understandably) comes lots of questions. We’re happy to ease your concerns and bust these three common myths about flexible golf membership.

It’s time to separate the fact from the fiction. With a PlayMoreGolf category, you can choose the starting price of your flexible golf membership, control the aspects of your offering, and - if set up properly - grow your club through one of the most lucrative types of golf memberships available today.


Bust these myths yourself and become a PlayMoreGolf partner club. Alternatively, you can contact us at sales@playmore.golf if you have any further myths you want busting.

Written by Emma Rowlands

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