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Thinking about offering a flexible membership category at your club but on the fence about its potential impacts and benefits?

To help you understand how a flexible membership category works and why PlayMoreGolf’s flexible membership is especially useful to your golf club, we’ve created a handy and informative guide to answer all of your questions.

Start your journey to a flexible golf membership category by reading our guide.


What does the flexible golf membership category guide consist of?

Our guide is packed full of information to help golf clubs understand the advantages a flexible golf membership category can bring to their business, as well as how they can implement one into their club.

Have you been wondering why a flexible golf membership category is required, and why’s it good for your club? Perhaps you want to see the value PlayMoreGolf has already added to partnered clubs? Or maybe you’re interested in signing up, but you’re unsure on the steps to take to launch a flexible golf membership category in your club? All these answers and more can be found within this guide.

Worried that introducing a flexible golf membership category will cause your full members to ‘downgrade’? Quash the myth by reading our article.


What not to miss in our flexible golf membership category guide

We understand you have many questions on launching a flexible golf membership category at your club, and why you should become our partner rather than create your own. To save you the time, we’ve devised an FAQ section in our guide that covers the most commonly asked questions we’ve had from other golf clubs before they sign up with us. We’ve also supplied our contact details so you can get in touch with our expert team if you have any further questions that aren’t listed.

Our guide also features a testimonial from Petersfield Golf Club, who share how PlayMoreGolf has generated new member leads and contributed to new members, enquiry conversion, additional profit, and value per round played (yield) after just four months of partnership. Petersfield General Manager Andy Corbett also discusses the challenges the club faced before joining PlayMoreGolf, and how quick and simple it was to sign up with us to combat these hurdles.

Petersfield Golf Club aren’t the only club with positive feedback about our flexible golf membership. Check out what our other partner clubs think.


Together we can help you launch and manage a flexible golf membership

If you’re interested in discovering what working with PlayMoreGolf involves and would like some more information then please contact us by filling out our form, or call us on 0330 555 6555.

We’ll help you to launch, market, and manage a flexible membership category, offering a 1-2-1 call to take you through the details specific to your golf club. And there’s no hard-sell involved; we just want to make sure we’re right for you and vice versa.

Written by Emma Rowlands

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