How Two Partner Golf Clubs Have Grown Stronger With PlayMoreGolf


What would an increase in new members over the next year mean to your club? 

When looking at how many new memberships we can help clubs to achieve as a result of rolling out a flexible golf membership, these are the kinds of numbers you can expect to see over the next 12 months.

“On average, our partner clubs retain 83% of their flexible members and

upgrade 8% to their own full membership category”

Our flexible membership category is helping to transform the long-term commercial success of clubs across the country, but results like these take time to build up.

In this article, we look at how clear expectations and the right level of guidance and expertise from our support team have helped two of our partner clubs to not only grow but thrive.


Setting up St. Ives Golf Club’s operations for long-term success

“Our flexible membership category with PlayMoreGolf had a slow start”, explains James Hart, Golf Operations Manager of St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club in Cambridgeshire. “Naturally we were disappointed but throughout we continued to receive great support from the team at PlayMoreGolf, offering possible solutions and activity to help drive enquiries.”

A six-month review highlighted a number of areas where the club could elevate its operations to improve the strength of its offering.

“Initially, we hadn’t done our communication to ex-members and since launch, we hadn’t sent out any information to our green fee payers”, revealed James.

“Using the PlayMoreGolf templates, we actioned this and worked with our support manager to ensure our website was updated and driving all visitors to our bespoke PlayMoreGolf landing page via our club website. This has ultimately helped us to grow stronger as a business.”

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Putting the customer at the core of Hennerton Golf Club’s business model

Another partner club, Hennerton Golf Club in Berkshire, demonstrated how investing time with prospective golfers drove increased flexible membership sign-ups at their club.

“The shop and lobby area are the first port of call when someone enters the clubhouse, so we have an indoor banner in the lobby that’s impossible to miss. This leads to questions from customers about how they can get a golf membership for £325”, explains the club.

From Hennerton Golf Club’s point of view, the key to getting people to join was to spend dedicated time with anyone who enquires.

“We’ll ask what type of golfer they are, and we will then go through the different types of membership that we have here at Hennerton. If, when enquiring about how much golf they play, it becomes apparent that the PlayMoreGolf membership would be the right option for them, then we’d explain the points matrix and how it works.”

The club also sends out a monthly email explaining what the PlayMoreGolf membership offers and how it can help many of today’s golfers to spend more time on the green.

“Simply put, every person who walks through the door is a potential member, so spending a little time and effort can go a long way.”

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The stats behind the success stories

Thanks to PlayMoreGolf’s flexible golf membership category, these two partner clubs have generated the following success:


St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club

Months live: 12

Joiners in six months: 15

Total joiners to date: 47


Hennerton Golf Club

Months live: 16

Joiners in six months: 18

Total joiners to date: 64


Introduce your club to the PlayMoreGolf flexible membership category and start making your own success

The long-term success that St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club and Hennerton Golf Club have enjoyed is typical of many of the clubs that partner with us for our flexible golf membership category.

Since our foundation in 2016, we have helped launch flexible golf memberships for over 180 golf clubs throughout the country, with anywhere between 10-15 of those clubs reaching out to us every month to share how a flexible membership category is benefiting their businesses.

As anyone who’s ever hit the green knows, it can take a little while to get into the swing of things. Results might not be immediate but with our helpful team of experts on hand, you have all the support you need to turn your new membership category into a success story.


If you’re interested in becoming a PlayMoreGolf partner club and reap similar benefits to our current partner clubs, then please contact us at sales@playmore.golf.

Written by Emma Rowlands

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