Managing your club waiting list with a PlayMoreGolf Flexible Membership Category


For the last few year's the world of golf has been changing.  At PlayMoreGolf we help support our partner clubs by sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience around flexible membership to help improve club performance and growth. Our flexible membership product sits alongside your existing membership offerings, and we work with you to make sure that a smooth integration is achieved.

The last 12 months have been hugely positive for most clubs we have been speaking to and the biggest positive from many of our conversations has been the huge demand for golf memberships. Many clubs now have waiting lists for their ‘traditional’ membership categories and feel that a ‘flexible’ membership product is not needed or necessary.

We have had several partner clubs use PlayMoreGolf’s Flexible Product to commercialise their waiting lists and to generate the club upfront, contracted revenue from these golfers.

By offering the waiting list the opportunity to join the club on a flexible membership (points-based) it helps the club in several ways:

  • Generates upfront revenue from customers who they would otherwise not be generating revenue from
  • Gains commitment from the waiting list and de-risks the potential of them joining another club
  • Allows the club to understand the golfer and his/her need for future upgrade potential

As our partner clubs have the flexibility to create and control their own points matrix (point cost per round) it allows them to yield their tee sheet which encourages flexible members to play at quieter times on your course and keeps your busy tee times protected for your ‘traditional’ members. With 72% of PlayMoreGolf members rounds being played after 1pm midweek, this also eliminates the risk of weather dependent green fees at these quieter times and allows the club to put together a more structured and targeted marketing plan for the left-over tee times.

Around 35% of our members upgrade from flexible membership to full membership it shows that our product can be used to bridge the gap between pay-and-play golf and full membership.

To find out more about introducing a flexible golf membership at your club, visit playmore.golf/club-partner or download our club brochure

Written by Craig Crawford

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