Food and Beverage Options for Golf Courses in 2021


At the end of 2020, 3,500 of our 12,000 members participated in a survey to gather key information on the additional spend that is generated for our PlayMoreGolf clubs. Our members play at over 250 golf clubs across the UK, so this survey provided us with brilliant insights into pre-round and post-round spending behaviours at clubs all over the country.

On our previous blog How to harness pre-round buying behaviour at your golf club we went into all ancillary spending at our partner clubs, but today we are going to focus on one important revenue stream, Food and Beverage. With PlayMoreGolf Members spending on average £12.27 per person per round of golf on food and beverage PlayMoreGolf members generate another revenue stream for your club with even more revenue opportunities for clubs who run promotions on pre-game food. This was substantially lower than post-game food spending.

We have been looking at three things to consider with your Food and Beverage options in 2021 for when courses are able to reopen, and what options you may want to contemplate if you haven’t already done so.

Cater to special diets

Many consumers have changed their diets to vegetarianism or altered their diet due to food intolerances or just for general health reasons. You do not have to dedicate your entire menu to every diet out there but including a few various dietary options can help generate additional sales. Whether this is introducing a gluten-free pizza or having a vegetarian burger option.

Expand your drink menu beyond the ordinary

Many golfers, especially those younger generations are interested in a variety of drinks, so look at providing a varied gin option. Also look at local breweries to not only offer something different but support small local businesses. With bar staff being well trained and providing information on your selection it helps convince people to try something new.

Offer smaller dishes that your guests can share, in line with social distancing rules

Traditionally, restaurant meals have been served in a large portion suitable for a single guest, a trend that is working in many restaurants is offering smaller plates that can easily be shared. This not only opens the door for guests who want a quick snack with their drink but also allows larger groups to have various dishes, sharing with the option of ordering more if required.

The important thing is to get those new members and with PlayMoreGolf members willing to spend on average of £12.27 per visit why not get in touch to find out more about introducing a flexible golf membership at your club. Visit playmore.golf/club-partner or speak to our team of experts to arrange a no obligation membership health check so you can make sure your club is ready for when golf courses reopen later this year.

Written by Stephen Page

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