The Flexibility of PlayMoreGolf and how this Benefits both Members and Club Partners


At the end of 2020, 3,500 of our 12,000 members participated in a survey to gather key information on the additional spend that is generated for our PlayMoreGolf clubs. Our members play at over 250 golf clubs across the UK, so this survey provided us with brilliant insights into pre-round and post-round spending behaviours at clubs all over the country.

On our previous blog How to harness pre-round buying behaviour at your golf club we went into all ancillary spending at our partner clubs, but today we are going to focus on one important benefit of being a PlayMoreGolf member, and that’s the flexibility to use Flexi Away Points at different clubs, looking at how this benefits PlayMoreGolf members and the partner clubs in our network.

For members the ability to use 20% of their points at other PlayMoreGolf courses has been a huge benefit for members, giving them the flexibility to enjoy a membership at their chosen club while enjoying the option to play at other courses around the UK. Over 70% of our members require their flexible membership to have the ability to play at other courses, with a PlayMoreGolf membership successfully meeting their preferred playing habits.

Coming out of Lockdown 1.0 last year we saw a huge increase of Flexi Point bundles being purchased, especially by September when many had decided a staycation was the best option for their summer break where we saw a 564% increase y-o-y between August and September. Many of our clubs generated much needed revenue from our flexi points with one of our top performing clubs generating just under £10’000 additional revenue from flexi point bookings.

So how does being a member of the PlayMoreGolf flexible membership category help our partner clubs? There are many benefits for your club with this added flexibility of having a PlayMoreGolf Flexible category at your club, we have listed 4 below:

  1. Demand on your tee sheet – This is something that many clubs faced when coming out of lockdown, with a huge number of golfers wanting limited tee times. Having a flexible membership category with PlayMoreGolf enables your flexible members to search alternative clubs for tee times when your tee sheet has limited availability.
  2. Quieter tee times – The reverse for point number one is when you do have availability, PlayMoreGolf members who are not linked to your club can still book and extra revenue is generated for you. For popular bookings where points are high, not only will you receive your guaranteed reciprocal revenue, but there are chances for additional revenue described in point 3 below. If you wanted to target PlayMoreGolf Members in your local area, not affiliated with your club, speak with your Club Relationship Manager on what we can offer to help generate extra revenue through members flexi points.
  3. Extra revenue generated – This is linked to point number two; revenue can be generated from the flexi points being used but also from Food and Beverage. On average a PlayMoreGolf Member spends £12.27 p.p per round, so why not consider running a promotional offer to attract PlayMoreGolf members to your course, this promotional offer can be communicated via an email campaign to our database and we can run this on your behalf.
  4. Seasonality and away days – With the news on 22nd February and a road map to come out of national lockdown, things are looking up for the UK, but there are still big questions on when international travel will get back to something more normal. Many golfers will be looking at staycations again and looking at places within the UK for holiday. We will be pushing our members to use their Flexi Points while on holiday and play golf on courses in the proximity to where they are staying. Benefiting our Partner Clubs with not only revenue from flexi points but also on additional spending such as Food and Beverage.

The PlayMoreGolf Membership benefits both golf member and Club partners, providing golfers a product where multiple courses can be played under one membership, something that a club alone would struggle to provide. With the additional benefit of revenue being generated to your club with flexi bookings. A flexible PlayMoreGolf member not linked to your club directly still can generate additional revenue for your club.

To find out more about introducing a flexible golf membership at your club, visit playmore.golf/club-partner or speak to our team of experts to arrange a no obligation membership health check so you can make sure your club is ready for when golf courses reopen later this year.

Written by Stephen Page

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