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England Golf has partnered with PlayMoreGolf to help clubs to offer flexible memberships which fit around their customers’ lives and golfing needs.

5 Ways to Spend Your Savings When You’re a PlayMoreGolf Member

If you’re keen to play more golf but feel put off by rocketing club prices or lack of flexibility available within a traditional membership, we’re keen to help. As a team of lifelong golfing enthusiasts and professionals, we want everyone with an interest in the game to be able to take part in the experience. And that’s where a flexible golfing membership comes in.

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Family In Full Swing This Father’s Day


The full-day experience. The great outdoors. Quality time spent with friends and loved ones. Three statements that could easily be incorporated into playing golf. A game of global popularity – and one of the first sports to make a millionaire – golf is steeped in tradition and boasts a host of benefits.

From burning calories, exercising the heart with a lot of walking, or simply reducing those stress levels after a hard-working week, the health benefits have only helped increase both the popularity and participation in this time-honoured sport.

And with Father’s Day around the corner, let us not also forget the emotional and social benefits of a round of golf can bring. With many of the PlayMoreGolf clubs situated in picturesque locations, you have the chance to indulge in your much-loved hobby and spend quality time with your Father, Grandfather or kids in an environment that naturally de-stresses and brings people closer. Coupled with the highly adaptable nature of golf, (almost anyone can swing a club) many a family memory can be forged on the 18th .

While it’s clear that our PlayMoreGolf members enjoy the competitive elements of golf, almost all of them equally value the quality family time it also offers. Golf teaches good-natured competitiveness, the patience and skill to develop a slow and steady improvement in your game, and a sense of pride as you watch a young man showing off his newfound golfing exploits on a baking hot Sunday afternoon. 

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