Working With Golf Clubs During Covid-19

With the recent pandemic and lockdown situation that the UK are in, it has been a very difficult time, especially for the Hospitality and Leisure industry. Over the past week, we have been speaking to many golf clubs across to UK. During our conversations, one thing that became evident was that each club are being proactive and creative when looking at different ways to react to the current pandemic.

How Golf Clubs Can Combat The Current Pandemic


15 Reasons to Launch PlayMoreGolf at Your Club in 2020


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Launching a Flexible Membership in Winter, the winning approach for those winter golfers


3 Flexible Golf Membership Myths Busted

You’re a reputable golf club with a loyal customer base and you’re looking to implement a flexible golf membership category into your club. However, you may have multiple concerns about bringing in a flexible points system or question how much profit you can realistically achieve using this method.

How Two Partner Golf Clubs Have Grown Stronger With PlayMoreGolf

What would an increase in new members over the next year mean to your club? 

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