Top tips from industry expert Eddie Bullock: How Golf Clubs can get ready for the 2021 season

Golf clubs witnessed an unprecedented boom last year with PlayMoreGolf’s data showing a 260% spike in members since July 2020. Today however, we find ourselves in limbo with golf courses closed and players unable to play their beloved game.

Golf clubs will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the Government’s response to a recent petition calling for golf to be allowed with appropriate safety measures – which now has over 130,000 signatures. But in the meantime, there’s plenty that clubs can be doing to prepare for the busy season ahead.

We sat down with the UK’s leading golfing consultant, Eddie Bullock, to get his view on how you can best prepare your club to hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted. Eddie is the expert behind the success of Golf at Goodwood and Woburn Golf Club, helping clubs to create value by focusing on mindset, behavioural change, and team culture building. Here he’s shared with us his top three tips for golf club success in 2021.

How to harness pre-round buying behaviour at your golf club

At the end of 2020 we surveyed 3,500 of our members to gather key information on the additional spend that is generated for our PlayMoreGolf clubs. Our members play at over 250 golf clubs across the UK, so this survey provided us with brilliant insights into our members pre-round and post-round spending behaviours at clubs all over the country.

How Golf Clubs are Turning into Digital Businesses

While we are living in a very uncertain period, many businesses are now looking at how they maintain customer interaction and having a digital presence is becoming more and more important.

Join us for a Conversation with Golf Industry Expert, Eddie Bullock

Since the release of the first national lockdown earlier this year the golf industry saw a huge resurgence. Many players are returning to the sport and new golfers are being introduced to the game. For many clubs this has been a saving grace, with months of closed courses and lost revenue from some of the busiest months for the sport. But the question is how can this demand be maintained once life starts to return to normal.

The Potential Rise and Fall of The Golfing Industry

2020, one of the slowest starts to the golf industry. Starting with what can only be described as one of the wettest starts to the year and then the global pandemic which saw a nationwide lockdown and closure of golf. Then, restrictions lifted, golf became one of the first outdoor activities to re-open and golfing bodies, clubs and media are revelling in the success. With many clubs citing a considerable spike in memberships interest, membership purchases and green fee purchases. In some cases, clubs recorded 300% increase in green fee revenue for the month of May when comparing to their full green fee revenue for 2019.

Is your golf club struggling for funds or do you have cashflow concerns? You’re not alone

Is your golf club struggling for funds or do you have cashflow concerns? You’re not alone. Many clubs are struggling during these unprecedented times. From starting the year with flash floods and waterlogged courses, to a UK wide lockdown and temporary closure of clubs, 2020 has had a significant impact on many.

Working With Golf Clubs During Covid-19

With the recent pandemic and lockdown situation that the UK are in, it has been a very difficult time, especially for the Hospitality and Leisure industry. Over the past week, we have been speaking to many golf clubs across to UK. During our conversations, one thing that became evident was that each club are being proactive and creative when looking at different ways to react to the current pandemic.

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