Building a golfing community, sharing our successes and the need to plan ahead

We are not too far away from the end of the golfing season and across the board we have seen some fantastic success stories with our partner clubs. Not only are we introducing new members into the club, but we are also helping to attract full members, improving online presence, and providing clubs with great PR opportunities.  

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Your Supply vs Demand… Price vs Value… how will this affect buying decisions of golfers?

It's a fundamental economic principle that when demand exceeds supply, prices tend to rise. But increased prices typically result in lower demand. So where does golf sit with the recent boom the industry has experienced?

How does a flexible membership help with yield?

"Flexible membership is just cheap golf"

Managing your club waiting list with a PlayMoreGolf Flexible Membership Category

For the last few year's the world of golf has been changing.  At PlayMoreGolf we help support our partner clubs by sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience around flexible membership to help improve club performance and growth. Our flexible membership product sits alongside your existing membership offerings, and we work with you to make sure that a smooth integration is achieved.

Can PlayMoreGolf Work At My Golf Club For The 2022/23 Season?


Clubs should look to opportunities in 2022, not the successes of the past year

We’ve worked with our partner clubs and prospects to understand what patterns are emerging following the success of 2021 and now golfers are returning to a ‘new normal’.

PlayMoreGolf members bolstering the bottom line at UK golf clubs

Golf clubs across the UK are enjoying the spoils of flexible members, as 84% of our members spend £10, on average, at their ‘home’ pro-shop before each round, according to the latest PlayMoreGolf data from 1,200 respondents.

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