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Our Top 5 Golf Podcasts for 2021

Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the last few years and with numerous lockdowns around the world, it has given plenty of people who are experts in their field time to create their own podcasts or join others as guest commentators. They can be light-hearted and informal whilst providing a great insight into the lives of someone who you have an interest in.

Half of members play golf a week after restrictions lift in England

Here at PlayMoreGolf we have been working hard in preparation for all courses in the UK to be able to accept visitors and allow the 2021 Golf Season to really begin.

How Wirral Golf Club Flourished During the Pandemic

Many golf clubs have been experiencing challenging times, not just during the pandemic, even well before then many golf courses have been working hard to make a profit but still struggling to make their venue profitable. During lockdowns our team have been writing blogs and providing information on things to consider when course open. Golf Shake have an extremely positive article on Wirral Golf Club showing how some changes can really elevate your course, the full article can be read here, we have included some really interesting snippets below.

"You Play Golf?" - What it's like to be a 30-something female on the course

Over the last few years, we have seen many women’s sports increasing their coverage on TV and within local and national press. A prime example was the Women’s Football World Cup in France back in 2019 when the final was seen live by over 260 million viewers, average live match audience more than doubled from the 2015 edition.

What is bifurcation and why do many golfers find it a very important topic in golf right now?

In nearly every sport you see professionals making vast improvements. In tennis hitting with more power and spin, golf the ability to hit further and further. Is this down to improved fitness, better training or does the equipment used play too big a part in how many sports have progressed in the last 50 years.

5 Most Annoying Playing Partner Types on the Golf Course


For many finding that perfect playing partner for golf can be like finding a lost £20 hidden in your wallet. It happens but not often enough. Playing 18 holes with anyone can have its challenges, not only do you want someone who respects the game but also challenges you to play your best and you want to be on friendly terms by the end to have a cold beer on the 19 th hole.

A look at the Best Gadgets and Accessories to Help Improve your Game

There are many gadgets and accessories on the market today for the keen golfer. Many are cleverly designed for improving your technique or helping to make life on the golf course easier, others just want to cash in on a product that may seem practical but doesn’t benefit your game at all.

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