How To Play A Winning Game Of Golf On Windy Days

Any game of golf requires planning and concentration. For you to win a game, it’s critical that you understand how the environment impacts play. Now that Autumn is upon us, wind can present you with some unique challenges. After all, golf is usually played in wide-open spaces where there is little protection from the elements. But wind isn’t solely a barrier to play. When you play golf in the wind, you can make wind your friend.

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Golf Voucher – The Perfect Gift


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National Sporting Heritage Day

September 30th marks National Sporting Heritage Day – a celebration of Britain’s unique and cherished sporting history. In recognition, we’d like to share with you some interesting facts and information about golf’s incredible history and evolution and discuss the ways golf continues to change based on the needs and preferences of those who play it.

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Improve Your Golf Shot Accuracy In Three Steps

Approach shots make up for the biggest scoring advantage between golfers of every skill level. When we use the term “approach”, we refer to the shots that start outside of 100 yards from the hole. This does not include tee shots on par-4 and par-5 holes. For this reason, it is imperative that you become skilled at mastering approach shots for better accuracy and performance. So how exactly can you do this? Here are our top three tips:

5 attributes to look for in a GREAT kids’ golf instructor


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Family Golfing Days Out Near You


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5 Ways to Spend Your Savings When You’re a PlayMoreGolf Member

If you’re keen to play more golf but feel put off by rocketing club prices or lack of flexibility available within a traditional membership, we’re keen to help. As a team of lifelong golfing enthusiasts and professionals, we want everyone with an interest in the game to be able to take part in the experience. And that’s where a flexible golfing membership comes in.

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